Botolino Gelato

Last Sunday I was invited to Botolino which specializes in authentic gelato made from scratch.

I met with Carlo “Botolo” Gattini who is a third generation gelato maker with deep roots from Italy. He was trained by gelato masters in Italy and is very passionate about the gelato he produces.
Unlike many places that offer gelato, Botolino uses quality ingredients and does not cut any corners by using powder mixtures or artificial flavors.
Carlo says, “If it’s not quality, I won’t serve it.”

Botolino takes pride in displaying artisan methods such as using organic milk and cream bases that age for 12 hours to obtain maximum creaminess.

With quality gelato comes quality ingredients and Carlo desires to have the best of the best for his clientele.
He uses local coffee and honey, imports special nuts and spices, and fruits from other countries that are in season.

If you are in the Dallas area, Botolino is a must!
Botolino takes advantage of all the influences and culture of the clientele and community that it is located in.
Carlo has spent 30 years in Dallas and is a traditionalist at heart who compares Dallas life to Italy in the sense that in most neighborhoods, all the shops, restaurants, and everything one could desire is within walking distance.
Carlo takes pride in opening this one and only location here in Dallas and expressed that he never wants to leave.
He is very content that in the two short months of opening, there are locals who visit regularly and how embraced Botolino is in the community.
In due time, Carlo wishes to establish relationships with local farmers and communities and while he agrees that there is room for growth and always room for improvement, he never wants to take away from the traditional and authentic gelato that Botolino has to offer.
When asked what has been the most rewarding from Botolino’s opening, Carlo smiled and stated how he loved that gelato is not just a kids treat, it appeals to all ages, races, ethnicity’s and genders.

The staff was wonderful and extremely polite, the location was spotless, and above all, the gelato was delicious!

Carlo and Botolino are two of Dallas’ gems and I can’t wait for my next visit!



–  R. Vargas

| Botolino provided me with this product. The opinions I have shared about the products are solely my own. | All photography credit is due to the services of Javier Garcia.

Shulammitegirl Snaps: September

During the month of September, I:

  • Booked my first flight ever!
  • Made my way to El Paso and met my favorite couple. (We discovered each other on Instagram and met in person.)
  • Visited Meow Wolf in New Mexico on a quick road trip.
  • Crossed the border from El Paso into Juárez, Mexico.

What did you do in September?


–  R. Vargas

Malu’s Mexican Embroidery Clothes & More


A few months ago I came across Malu and her family who were selling these traditional beautiful Mexican embroidery shirts and I fell in love.


All of the items are from Mexico and are embroidered by the local artisans there.
She carries clothing in all sizes and even has shirts for men and children.
I normally see these shirts run anywhere from $45 to $100 but Malu’s items start off at $10 and the most expensive item I have come across so far is $25.
She ships as well and once again, shipping is so reasonable.


Typically I get my shirts straight from the Motherland but I am not able to visit Mexico as much as I would like so I am so thankful I found Malu’s Mexican Embroidery Clothes & More!
Not only are the shirts beautiful and come from quality material but the profits from her small business go towards her daughters whom she is putting through college.

Take a look at her site or Facebook to order and help support this small business!


– R. Vargas

Shulammitegirl Snaps: June

During the month of June, I:

• Surprised my boyfriend with a date where we went to a batting cage & rode go karts.

• Had our family worship over purple triangle history and went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum Center.

• Climbed about 20 flights of stairs just for the view.

• Hosted an Italian themed movie night.


-R. Vargas

Peach Fest

On July 8th, my friend Jasmin and I made our way to Weatherford, TX for Parker County’s 33rd Annual Peach Festival.
We had been planning the trip for some time and counted down the days until we could see, smell, and taste all things peaches.


I brought along my camera, fan, market bag and purse of course for the quick day trip.

There were vendors selling all kinds of arts and crafts, home decor, clothes and aprons, sauces, spices, and obviously all kinds of peach flavored teas, lemonades, shaved ice, jubilees, ice cream, pies, cobblers, etc.


Unfortunately by the time we arrived which was later in the day, the farmers who were selling their produce including peaches had already put up and left for the day which I was completely bummed about but we still made the most of the festival and agreed that for next years festival we would go much earlier.

We shopped around and sampled what we could, took tons of pictures and talked to all the friendly local vendors and here are a few of my favorite snapshots:

Canon 527

Canon 528

Canon 532.JPG

Canon 540

Canon 543

Canon 546

Hopefully next year when we attend the Peach Fest, we’ll actually bring home peaches!


–  R. Vargas


Weekend Getaway

A few months ago, I started scrolling through Airbnb for my next trip and found this gem in San Antonio, Texas.
I examined my planner and found a three day weekend for the perfect getaway.
If you’re looking to start your own Airbnb account, click here to receive $40 off your first trip!

When planning, I decided I wouldn’t travel alone or ask a girlfriend to join but that I would treat my mother. She was a little nervous at first about staying on a strangers property but once we pulled up to our Airbnb and made our way through the garden she was speechless.

San Antonio 067.JPG

San Antonio 060

San Antonio 061

San Antonio 063

Once we walked through the door and walked through the house, I looked at my mother and she said, “I LOVE IT!”

San Antonio 025

San Antonio 027

San Antonio 031

San Antonio 033

San Antonio 048

San Antonio 050

San Antonio 055

San Antonio 081

San Antonio 095

San Antonio 104

If you’re looking for a home away from home, book your stay with Sandy. She was very kind and welcoming and we couldn’t ask for a better host.

During our stay we even caught a glimpse of Sandy and a guest in her backyard gardening.


While we were in San Antonio, we visited Rainbow Gardens and my mother had the time of her life.

San Antonio 140

Here are a few pictures of the highlights.

San Antonio 158

San Antonio 145

San Antonio 155

San Antonio 164

San Antonio 175

San Antonio 180

San Antonio 181

San Antonio 182

May 2017 485

I’m glad my mother and I could enjoy this weekend trip together and I’ll cherish the memories we made.


–  R. Vargas