Spiritual Planner

A few of theĀ goals I’d like to accomplish this year is to be better equipped while in the ministry, deepen my love for Jehovah with my personal study, and comment more during meetings. Instead of carrying journals for each separate category, I decided I would combine them all in one. (Before I deleted my Instagram, … More Spiritual Planner

Swahili Service

This past Saturday I had the privilege to support the Swahili congregation by going out in service with a group. We started out doing early morning service, I met an incredibly friendly older man at a laundry mat we stopped at and when I was leaving tracts on tables and machines, I noticed he was … More Swahili Service

Wednesday Service

So lately I’ve been really wanting to push myself spiritually, which includes going out in service more than once a week, getting back to my personal study, working on my family study with my mother, continuing a bible study with a younger cousin of mine and preparing more in depth for my meetings. “Imitate Their … More Wednesday Service