Pretty Planner Party

For the last two years, I have thrown a Pretty Planner Party for a group of friends that enjoy crafting and planning in their planner as much as I do.
We get together and enjoy good & wholesome association, we share washi tape, stickers, coloring pencils, tips and tricks, etc.

Typically I hold the party at a public place but this year I was fortunate enough to host the party at someone’s home which gave me a chance to decorate and plan a menu. I bought the majority of my decorations at The Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only Store and I highly recommend these two stores if you are ever planning any type of party.

Here are a few pictures I took:
















This was my third year hosting the Pretty Planner Party and I feel like this was the best year so far.

I’m very grateful for the turnout and everyone who brought a dish and supplies to share!

With love,

– R. Vargas

Pretty Planner Party

For the second year in a row, I hosted the, “Pretty Planner Party.”
It’s really nothing fancy, I just get a few sisters together who enjoy crafting in their planner like I do and we craft together and enjoy one another’s company.

Since everyone lives in different areas, I try to meet half way in a public setting.
This year I chose Half Price Books.
I set up the table and placed goodie bags for each guest.
For the goodie bags I like to buy stationery, knick knacks, and a sweet treat.
Each bag is also made specifically for that sister so no two are alike.

Here are a few photos from today:


What do you and your girlfriends do together?


– R. Vargas Planners

Since I receive compliments on my planner via comments from other bloggers, I thought I would dedicate this post to my planner and the themes for every month.

I started off with the 17 month classic agenda for 2015 – 2016.


I LOVED this size! I felt it was big enough to fit all my notes and endless to do lists but small enough to carry in my purse without it being too bulky.
I loved that the agendas are hardcover as well because I need something that is durable and will last me.

I used this planner so much that it was becoming too difficult to keep flat.


These are the themes I used from November 2015 to November 2016:









I stopped in June of 2016 because I received a 17 month medium sized agenda from my best friend and started planning and crafting in that one. You can read my initial post introducing the planner here!

These were my themes for my medium sized agenda:





Over the course of a year, I can really see the difference in my planning and crafting skills. There is always room for improvement though!
Hope you all enjoy!


–  R. Vargas

2017 Agenda

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I LOVE planning and crafting in my agenda!

For 2016, I had the, “I AM VERY BUSY,” agenda.
I chose and decided to stick with them for the upcoming year because I love the layout and simplicity of their designs. I’m not really all into glitter and sparkles and while they do offer girly-girl items, they do well at keeping it simple for the simple girls.

Over the year, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks as to how I get creative and decorate in my planner.
Since the 2017 agendas have already rolled out I decided that I would share what I do to make my planner look even better.

The design I chose for this upcoming year was the, “One Day at a Time,” solely for the reason that that’s one of my all time favorite quotes.

Inside you’ll find a page where you can insert your name.

Now I got too excited and already started crafting in this agenda so the before and after pictures will be different months.

This is what the planner looked like before. Still cute, just too much white.

This is the after which I absolutely love!

Each month, I think of a different theme and coordinate a color scheme to go with the stickers I place in them.
Crafting in planners can be very expensive so I discipline myself in knowing how to budget.

I color in the calendar with color pencils, buy stickers only from the dollar store and Walmart or purge Michael’s or any craft store for clearance items. I spend no more than $1.99 on stickers. The same goes for washi tape.

Here’s what the week layout looked like before. Again, too much white.

Here’s what it looks like after.
I separate the days with more washi tape and place a few more stickers with the same theme and maybe insert a Polaroid to fill the pages up even more.
What really fills up the pages are my appointments, work schedule, writings, to do lists, doodles, etc.
I try to include a motivational quote to get me through the week or at least stay positive if it’s been a tough day.

I also color code:

  • I use a green pen to mark down my pay days.
  • I use a purple pen to write down what positive thing happened to me that day and I write something down each day that way I can look back at the end of the week and know that it wasn’t so bad.
  • I use a red pen to mark down when financial payments are due.
  • I use a blue pen for spiritual related events.
  • I use a black pen for everything else.
  • Highlighters are used when I accomplish a task.

I plan on getting more colored pens soon.

What tips and tricks do you use in your planner?


R. Vargas