Asian Adventures

In between having a Vietnamese best friend and Vietnamese boss, I’ve discovered a few wonderful places that I’d like to share and recommend with you all.

First off is CrushCraft Thai Street Eats, an amazing Thai food restaurant with color and creativity served in each dish.

Inside CrushCraft

The ceilings in CrushCraft.

May 190

Phat Ke Mao | Drunken Noodles | Egg rolls | Coconut Soup | Thai Tea

Next up is H-Mart which is an Asian Supermarket.

Inside this supermarket, there are several little boutiques, bakeries, cafes, and other small shops.

Tous Les Jours being one of the bakeries, and not just any bakery but a French-Asian Bakery.

Tous les Jours Bakery

Tous les Jours Bakery

Before I left H-Mart, I had to pick up some Kawaii stationery.

May 193 May 194

In the same shopping center as H-Mart, there is another bakery that has the prettiest and sweetest treats.

Mozart Bakery & Cafe 

May 196

May 197

Omi Korean Grill & Bar was really a new experience for me. You are seated and given a menu where you order your preference of meat and they bring you out several little side dishes that have the freshest ingredients, and finally bring your meat out raw so that you are able to grill it up on your own. Sounds a little odd, but definitely worth a try.

june 009

Pop's 037

june 036And last but not least, my final Asian Adventure has ended at the well known Bistro BAuthentic Asian Cuisine with more dishes than you could ever imagine. The menu will literally take you over an hour to read thoroughly. Wherever I go, I tend to be open minded and try something new each time. Whether I like it or not, will all be part of the experience.

Fried Dumplings

Fried Dumplings

End of June 033

Phở Gà Xé hoặc Chặt

End of June 032


End of June 034

Yours truly about to try Pho for the first time. (Initially I was craving Hu Tieu.)

Special thank you to my boss lady Kathy Lee and best friend Maikim for introducing me to these amazing places.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my shares and reviews.
If you’re ever in the Dallas, Garland, or Carrollton area, be sure to show some of these restaurants and bakeries some love and support!


-R. Vargas