milk and honey

milk and honey by rupi kaur

This is one of those books that everyone has heard about even if they haven’t read it yet. It looks like a book but it is a collection of poems and prose’ and actually became a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

Without giving so many details away, the book is about hurt, love, loss, and healing. It discusses personal experiences and emotions that each and every one of us can relate to. Whether it is abuse, neglect, pain, heartache, betrayal, happiness, confidence, femininity, adornment, it is something I would highly recommend everyone to read at least once in their life.

It may make you cry, it may make you take a few moments to meditate on and it may make you blush but if you are open minded to reading a real and raw type of book, this book is for you.

If you have Amazon Prime, you may be able to download it free of charge and if you are like me and need the physical book, you can get a copy here.

Here is one of my favorite excerpts from milk and honey:

With love,

-R. Vargas

Malu’s Mexican Embroidery Clothes & More


A few months ago I came across Malu and her family who were selling these traditional beautiful Mexican embroidery shirts and I fell in love.


All of the items are from Mexico and are embroidered by the local artisans there.
She carries clothing in all sizes and even has shirts for men and children.
I normally see these shirts run anywhere from $45 to $100 but Malu’s items start off at $10 and the most expensive item I have come across so far is $25.
She ships as well and once again, shipping is so reasonable.


Typically I get my shirts straight from the Motherland but I am not able to visit Mexico as much as I would like so I am so thankful I found Malu’s Mexican Embroidery Clothes & More!
Not only are the shirts beautiful and come from quality material but the profits from her small business go towards her daughters whom she is putting through college.

Take a look at her site or Facebook to order and help support this small business!


– R. Vargas

Shulammitegirl Snaps: June

During the month of June, I:

• Surprised my boyfriend with a date where we went to a batting cage & rode go karts.

• Had our family worship over purple triangle history and went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum Center.

• Climbed about 20 flights of stairs just for the view.

• Hosted an Italian themed movie night.


-R. Vargas

Frida Kahlo: La Flor de la Vida

On December 5th, I made my way to my local Cultural Center for a Frida inspired exhibition.

If you personally know me, you’ll know that I adore Frida.
In case you are not familiar with Frida Kahlo or her work, I urge you look her up.
You will laugh, cry, maybe even get inspired.

Over sixty years after her death, the exhibit pays tribute to the Mexican painter who continues to receive admirers from all over the world.

Even after her death, Frida remains an icon and inspiration to artist.
Not only is her style and art one of a kind, but the life she led was truly extraordinary.

There is so much I want to share about Frida but this post was meant specifically to share the details of this exhibit.

I attended the opening reception which allowed me to meet the artist in person. So many talented people from all ages and every background you can think of.
Everyone was encouraged to dress up that night and to my surprise, there was live music, hors-d’oeuvres, desserts and wine!

I had an amazing time, everything and everyone was so beautiful! Some paintings were even up for sale! I did want one in particular but unfortunately the one I wanted was not for sale.
Definitely one of my favorite nights this year.


More details on this exhibit can be found here.


-R. Vargas

French Riviera Fête

Last Thursday, the Dallas Museum of Art was hosting an event that celebrates the Roaring 20’s; French Riviera Fête.
The museum encouraged guest to dress up in 1920’s attire and enjoy jazz music, dancing, cocktails, and of course art. Musical talent of the night were the Texas Gypies who are an award-winning band and composed of a few Grammy winners and musicians.

A few of my friends joined me for the event and I’m happy to say we all dressed up in support of the museum and the theme.

August 152

August 159

August 169

August 163


-R. Vargas

Before I die…

“Before I die…” Wall, what is it?

“After losing someone she loved and experiencing deep depression, artist Candy Chang created an interactive wall on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with neighbors while remaining an introvert. After receiving permission, she painted the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in New Orleans with chalkboard paint and stenciled it with a grid of the sentence, “Before I die I want to _______.” Anyone walking by could pick up a piece of chalk, reflect on their lives, and share their personal aspirations in public space.”
– Before I die… Website 

You may have heard or read about the, “Before I die…” Wall.
Perhaps you’ve even saw pictures of the wall but I don’t think you get the full meaning of it until you see it in person and write down your own dreams and goals.
You take a step back and look at what others would like to do.
Some would like to do small things, and others would like to do big things.
Some will make you laugh, some may even make you cry.

The “Before I die…” Wall has sparked interest in so many across the world and if you click here you can see the different walls and stories behind them worldwide.

Thankfully the wall came to my hometown in Texas and while reading everyone’s aspirations and goals, I felt I should write down mine too.
Should you ever come across the wall in your hometown or while you’re traveling around, be sure to look for a piece of chalk and fill in a blank spot.
Read what other’s have left before you too.
It will always leave you feeling humbled.

whelp 115 whelp 113

While reading this or looking at the pictures, maybe you’ve thought what you would like to do before you die?
If so, I’d love to read about them.

“Before I die I want to ___________”


– R. Vargas

Bouquets: French Still-Life Painting from Chardin to Matisse

I had the privilege to attend a special exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Arts before it left town for good.

“The first major American exhibition to consider the French floral still life across the 19th century, Bouquets showcases almost seventy floral still life’s from painters such as Eugene Delacroix, Gustave Courbet, Henri Fantin-Latour, Edourad Manet, and Paul Cezanne.”

All the pieces were absolutely beautiful but my favorite pieces were by Vincent Van Gogh.

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These were a few snaps from my day.


-R. Vargas