“Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness!”

This past weekend was my Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the theme was: “Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness!” It was so encouraging and refreshing, the spiritual food really does always come to us at the proper time. My mother had the chance to attend despite our hectic morning and so did my niece so I was beyond … More “Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness!”

On Encouragement

I tend to forget how important and valuable the pioneers are in the ministry. From their early morning starts, to their late evening finishes, the strength and will power to go out each and every day, the faith and never ending devotion in helping others, really makes me thankful for the pioneers. I view them as … More On Encouragement


Today while writing letters to a few families who have lost loved ones, I decided that not only should I express my condolences with them but also add in quite a few scriptures that I feel will bring comfort to anyone who has ever lost a dear loved one. I’d like to share them with … More Comfort

Small Goals:

I set a spiritual goal this month which is a very small goal for some but something of importance to me. At one time I used to report at least 10-15 hours out in the ministry a month but I started to struggle once my work schedule varied. I then began to report only 4-6 … More Small Goals:

Wednesday Service

So lately I’ve been really wanting to push myself spiritually, which includes going out in service more than once a week, getting back to my personal study, working on my family study with my mother, continuing a bible study with a younger cousin of mine and preparing more in depth for my meetings. “Imitate Their … More Wednesday Service

“He was determined to endure, come what may.”

This weeks article in The Watchtower, really hit home. I’m positive for not only me but for everyone reading the article. It really tugged at my heart and while studying the article, I thought about how I’ve had hard times making the meetings lately since my father takes my car without my permission and I’m … More “He was determined to endure, come what may.”

Treat Yo’ Self

Last year my best friend Javier & I started a, “Treat Yo’ Self,” day where we would do just that. Eat, shop, and splurge on whatever we wanted the entire day. Today was our second annual, “Treat Yo’ Self,” day. We decided we wouldn’t let the entire day be about ourselves so we wanted to … More Treat Yo’ Self


Over the weekend, I had plans with a few friends of mine but they were cancelled since the main person planning everything had to stay off her feet for a few days. I felt bad knowing she would be indoors the entire weekend without being able or even capable to do much. She apologized via … More Companionship