Shulammite Spotlight

Today I’m spotlighting one of my favorite bloggers who also happens to be one of my closest friends; Chelsea of Thrift and Books and Food. She lives in Brooklyn and has the funniest reviews on cafes and restaurants, shares her favorite books, some yummy recipes and her amazing thrift finds!

What I love about her and her blog is how raw she is with her feelings and emotions, how she’s not ashamed to talk about things that most people are like mental health and self care.

Capture 1

Her recipes always look so amazing! Take a look at her Cinnabon Rolls recipe.

Capture 2

She can devour a book and move on to the next within days maybe even hours and her reviews are the best!

Be sure to check out her blog and follow! You won’t regret it!


– R. Vargas


Shulammite Spotlight

Recently I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos on people who live in camper vans/tiny houses and I came across Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey.

I love the concept of her living a simple life in order to travel the world for part of the year! Visit her blog and watch this video to see more of her tiny home!

In case you didn’t know, I live in a small house my father built on his property and this video along with many others motivates me to continue to keep a simple life for the greater things that lie ahead.

I’ll be back on the road this weekend so stay tuned or head on over to my Instagram to see what I’m up to!


– R. Vargas

Shulammite Spotlight

During this months Shulammite Spotlight, I would like to shine the light on A Girl & Her Van.

Alex & Talkeetna roam around in her loyal VW and have the idea that a life lived passionately is better than any paycheck. 
I am currently obsessed with her blog and Instagram account and I’m sure you will be too!

Random fact time: I have wanted to save money for an Airstream/RV since I was a little girl to travel around and enjoy the simple life.
Needless to say this video encouraged me to keep on saving in hopes of someday having one of my own.

I’ll be going out of town this week on a road trip with my best friend Chelsea where we will be staying in the Airbnb of my dreams so stay tuned!


– R. Vargas

Shulammite Spotlight

As a new series to my blog, I would like to introduce, “Shulammite Spotlight,” where I will be spotlighting some of my favorite bloggers that I keep up with weekly. 

Thank you to Rhanda who initially created this series on her blog! 

The first blogger I would like to introduce is Ghenet from Ghenet Actually.


I came across her blog looking for DIY blogs and just from clicking her link I instantly fell in love.
I’ve been obsessed with her lifestyle blog for over a year now and have the privilege of actually having her permission to share her blog content and pictures.


She is from New York originally but moved to the UK to be with her husband.
Her blog content ranges everywhere from crafts, DIY’s, fashion, make up + beauty reviews, recipes, and last but not least her scenery and travels around London.

So far I’ve had to say my absolute favorite post of hers is her wedding post.
She was involved in every single detail of her wedding. She put the centerpieces on her tables together and in such a cute way, she even baked everything on her dessert table!


If you enjoy the simplicity and homely feeling of my blog, you will fall in love with hers! You can also follow her along on Snapchat and Instagram.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my share!

– R. Vargas

All photos belong to Ghenet Pinderhughes Randal.