Lesson of 2017

“If you have the money, the time and the health, go!”

This past year has been full of success and determination. I made an Airbnb account in January of this year and booked four different trips around Texas. (Click here to save $40 when you book your first Airbnb trip!)

I traveled around every two to three months and had the best company every time. Each trip was different but just as special.
I often get asked:

  • Why do you leave town so much?
  • How can you afford it?
  • Are you scared to go on your own?
  • How does your boyfriend feel about you leaving?

I simply say, “If I have the money, the time and the health, I’m going to go.”
You don’t even have to go far or stay for that long. Just go.

I save for months at a time, even working two jobs from time to time when I know I have a trip in mind. I budget and would rather my money go on a trip than material things.
If I have the dates off from work or find a three day weekend coming up, I take advantage of it.
I am a 25 year old woman who has yet to get married, does not have children or any major debt to hold her down. I am still young and healthy and before I settle down into marriage with a husband and maybe children or become the primary guardian for my aging parents, I need to do this now while I still can.

If your circumstances allow you to travel, go and don’t think twice.
There will be a time that you have the money and the time but your health has declined.
There may be a time you have the health and the time but you are too low on funds.
What if you have the funds and the health but you have no time?

When you have all three things lined up, just go!

– R. Vargas


When I was a little girl, I knew I was an odd one because I never dreamed of my wedding, the dress I would be wearing, what colors I would choose for my theme, etc.
I didn’t have crushes often, I didn’t flirt, I didn’t doodle boys names on my binder, I didn’t care frankly.

As I grew to be a teen, I noticed the opposite sex but I still didn’t make any moves.
I got older and while I went on a few dates and got to know someone on a serious level, it didn’t work out and I know, it was for the best.

I am a very private person.
I’ve never felt the need to broadcast my entire life to feel important.

I take pride in all that I do and the decisions I make.
As of March 5th, I am honored to let my readers know that I am now dating.

I will not be posting how many bouquets he surprises me with.
How often he spoils me with gifts.
The amount of money and time he spends with me, for me, considering me, etc.
I could write volumes of books and fill them with all the wonderful things he’s done for me but even that would still never be enough.

I know what it is to watch others boast about how great their partners are and I think it’s really sweet but it’s not me and I know how much it can hurt a person.
There’s a fine line between being proud of the man you are with and there is another in boasting and wanting to make others jealous.

If I do post about him, it will be crafts or date ideas I do with him or for him.
promise I will not make you sick of him or us.

Know that I will keep our relationship private, know that we are very happy and know that we have come a long way.
Please respect our privacy. 

This will all be new to me so it is a learning process and while I am afraid of the unknown, I know that we are strong enough because we have Jehovah.

To those who doubt, who question, and who will try to intervene: Your time will come too. I promise you that it will.
It really is true what they say, that love finds you when you least expect it.
Try not to be so hard on yourself, I know it hurts and I know it’s not fair but it will find you and it will consume you. Let it.
You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to like my partner but we are happy, and we hope someday you are happy too. 

To those who support: From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your genuine kindness is very much appreciated and will not go unnoticed.

To him: I know you have loved me for years now and while I tried to push you away, you stayed.
You gave me the best of what you had.
You constantly put me first.
You stood up for me.
You sparked the fire I thought I lost a very long time ago.
I was beyond terrified of commitment but I am now ready to give up my independence to be by your side.
I’ll admit that I will miss my old ways but I know that what I am giving up is nothing compared to what I am gaining.
Thank you for appreciating me, for accepting who I am,  for cherishing me and for being willing to try and tame me. Not everyone is as brave and not everyone has been as successful.
I’ll never know what you see in me.
I don’t understand how someone like me could have attracted someone as kind as you but here we are.
Your love for Jehovah is evident in the way you love and respect me and I could never repay you.
I love you and regardless of where we end up in the future, together or apart, you will always matter so much to me.

“I’m your girl and you’re my man, and we’re makin’ plans.”



– R. Vargas

Journal Entry Pt. II

On my vacation this summer while I was putting up a few things in my room in Mexico, I found and old journal of mine with this inside:

(One day before turning 21) ——- 4/18/13

Things to be Thankful for:

  • You are alive.
  • Both your parents are alive and in your life.
  • Your two older yet boastful brothers love you very much and would do anything for you.
  • Though Big Blue has worried you these last few months, he is still running and he’s been with you the past 3 years.
  • You love your grandparents very much & they love you too. In fact, you are their absolute favorite.
  • Every family member who is close to your heart is in good shape and mildly healthy.
  • You’ve worked with the same company for the past two years and four months.
  • You have your own little house. Perfect sanctuary for your privacy and solitude.
  • You have managed to work since you were 16, graduate on time, put yourself through college, pay off your own car, and pay rent all on your own.
  • You have also managed to open up your heart and love.
  • You have had the courage to pick up the pieces of yourself when things have gone bad.
  • You realize things for what they were, what they are, and what they cannot be and you leave it at that.
  • You didn’t like the person you once were but you have recognized your mistakes and you have felt guilt which shows how much you have grown.
  • You are a firm believer in time healing all wounds.
  • You have learned to love and let go for the best.
  • You held on to hatred and grudges for such a long time for something that was out of your hands, but with time, you have learned to forgive and show forgiveness.
  • You have had the honor and privilege of meeting some wonderful people throughout the last couple of years whom you have a special relationship/bond with.
  • Everything in your life is right where it should be. You don’t need any more or any less of what you have at this exact moment.
  • You are almost done with school so take it easy and be proud but do not give up.
  • You are a talented writer though you are skeptical of your work.
  • You are a very determined young woman, once you have your mind set on something you keep going until you have finished what you started.
  • You are a unique and exquisite human being.
  • You run a fabulous blog.
  • You traveled when you were younger and it’s almost time for you to travel again.
  • You don’t live with the regret of losing it to some idiot.
  • You have an immaculate taste in music.
  • Your style is all your own and nothing else could compare to how you create your looks.
  • You are an acquired taste and you will continue to acquire taste.
  • You’re not quite the beauty but that’s okay because you are more than just a cute face.
  • You have pretty skin with or without makeup.
  • You have an odd body shape but at least you are happy and content with yourself.
  • You are a leader and not a follower.
  • You are open minded and willing to hear other options.
  • You are the best at listening and letting others vent to you without talking all about yourself.
  • You have learned to not settle for anything less than you deserve.
  • You love many and you are loved by many.
  • You will continue to be great in life.
  • Last but not least you have opened your heart to Jehovah God and put him first in your life and he has continued to bless your efforts and fill all the gaps in your heart with his wisdom, guidance, support, and his worldwide organization.
  • The utmost reason to be thankful is because you know that he will never leave you.

    -Rocio A. Vargas

There’s been a few changes from 21 year old Rocio to now 23 year old Rocio, but none the less I continue to grow.
If I could go back and tell myself something at that age, it would most likely be, “Rocio, it’s about to get a lot harder but keep going.”

-R. Vargas

Journal Entry Pt. 1

While I was cleaning out my desk this evening, I stumbled across my journal I took with me while I was in Mexico last summer.
I flipped the pages and found this:

10:13 pm Friday —- 8/15/14

“Never in my life have I used the word mesmerize.
That was until tonight.
My father called me outside to tell me some disturbing news and while I listened with a heavy heart, I was thankful he called me outside.
The sky was full of stars.
There was literally thousands.
Maybe millions.
The first thing that came to mind was, ‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you….’ which is from the song, “Yellow,” by Coldplay.
I smiled as I began to sing aloud to myself.
While it was special, it wasn’t the real thing so I grabbed my Ipod and listened to the acoustic version.
I let Chris Martins’ words sink into my heart and I cried.
I cried of happiness.
I cried of joy.
I cried of sadness.
I cried of fear.
I cried because of you.
Maybe somewhere out there you were thinking of me too.
I seldom miss you.
But tonight, at that exact moment,
I missed you.
I couldn’t help but try to capture the moment with my camera knowing it would do no good.
I wanted to share that moment with you but then I realized some moments in your life are reserved just for yourself.
Some moments aren’t meant to be shared or captured.”