Transplanting Succulents

If you know me personally, you know that I love succulents. Many people think they are really hard to maintain or that they always end up dying but with a little TLC the plants can grow and thrive for years to come. I took it upon myself to post this quick tutorial of how I care for […]

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Double Feature Date Night + Printables 

Since I have started dating, I have been trying to make everyday occasions just a little bit more memorable. While I was on Pinterest I came across a pin that led me to The Dating Divas blog. I noticed all the cute crafts and Date Night ideas they had so I figured I would make my […]

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First-Aid Kit Board 

When I read this months issue of the Awake! I knew instantly how deep and personal it was for me. I also thought it was very timely since February is National Teen Dating Violence awareness month. The magazine discusses teen depression and what I really respect was that it shed light on how depression is an illness […]

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Pretty Planner Party

For the second year in a row, I hosted the, “Pretty Planner Party.” It’s really nothing fancy, I just get a few sisters together who enjoy crafting in their planner like I do and we craft together and enjoy one another’s company. Since everyone lives in different areas, I try to meet half way in […]

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Spiritual Planner

A few of the goals I’d like to accomplish this year is to be better equipped while in the ministry, deepen my love for Jehovah with my personal study, and comment more during meetings. Instead of carrying journals for each separate category, I decided I would combine them all in one. (Before I deleted my Instagram, […]

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Since I receive compliments on my planner via comments from other bloggers, I thought I would dedicate this post to my planner and the themes for every month. I started off with the 17 month classic agenda for 2015 – 2016. I LOVED this size! I felt it was big enough to fit all my notes […]

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DIY Flower Pot Pencil Cup

Recently I was offered a new job which  I’ll post about soon and to celebrate the good news, I did what any sensible mid-twenty year old would do, I went shopping for desk supplies! I immediately went to Target to see what their dollar section had to offer and found the basic essentials like mouse notepads, […]

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