Rocio Maternity

A little about the Blogger:

My name is Rocio and I am a proud Mexican American from North Texas.
With this blog and the content I create, I share my culture, gardening, hobbies, personal life, recipes, spirituality, travel and life as a new wife with you all.

I created this blog to document my life knowing that I’ll look back someday and appreciate the wonderful life that I lived. 

For collaborations, feedback, inquiries, or questions, please e-mail me at:


With love,

– R. Garcia

22 thoughts on “About:

  1. Hey!
    So I made a blog but it won’t let me follow you so I figured I’d let ya know I’m here.. and i am one of the peoples from instagram if you don’t remember. Lol love your blog, I saved it so either way I’ll still see your updates. Hope to talk to you soon sis!

    Cassandra C.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First off, thank you so much for looking up my blog & deciding to stay in touch with me! It means so much to me. And you even decided to make one yourself which is even better! What was your name on Instagram love?
      So glad to talk to you again!
      -R. Vargas


  2. It is “adventures of her”. I figured I post way too much, so a blog would definitely suit me, but I’ll just keep the insta to stay in touch with out people I can’t get a hold of any other way. (:


  3. I’m so pleased to have stumbled upon your site. What a cool blog you have! I have so much to read–you’ve been blogging a while. So don’t be surprised to see several likes. 😁

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