How I shop #zerowaste

I’ve been on my low waste/zero waste journey for a full year now and while I haven’t hit my goal of where I would like to be, I have made several changes with my personal life and life at home with my partner. (You can read about those changes here.)

We both use reusable bags and totes for our groceries each week, reusable produce bags, I have used my beloved bamboo cutlery set for a full year now, we now proudly have a recycle bin in our home, we compost and we currently have fruits and vegetables growing in the garden we share. Small changes throughout the year that are contributing to a major impact.

I’ve thoroughly raided my small kitchen and noticed where I could make a few more improvements when it comes to waste.
I started with my spices. Since I didn’t have a lot of shelving in my kitchen, I used a utility cart to store all my spices and seasonings that are in those plastic containers. I had bought so many that I had duplicates of the same kinds. Why? Because I would buy them, take them home and store them away where I couldn’t see exactly what I had so I kept accumulating more.

I did not want to waste anymore plastic containers so I invested into these storage jars. Of course, you could find mix matched mason jars at thrift stores, garage sales, or reuse any old jars you have at home but I love The Pioneer Woman and treated myself.. 

Previously I worked at a local grocery store which offered bulk spices, tea, coffee, etc. so I decided to stop buying the spices in the plastic containers and started shopping there for things in bulk.


I simply go to the store when I need to stock up and weigh my spices in cloth bags to avoid using any plastic.


I come home and fill my storage jars and feel better about a plastic and clutter free environment.

Most used

After awhile, I was running out of space in my utility cart for all my storage jars so I knew we needed more space. My husband and I finally invested into this open shelving unit from Ikea that I love! Not only can I store more things to build up our pantry but with the open concept, I am able to see everything I have on hand which will help me avoid buying what we don’t need.

Spice Jars


Here are a few resources to help you shop consciously for groceries:

Where to shop State-by-State

Going Zero Waste even if you don’t have a bulk store near you

Zero Waste Bulk Locator App

What are your thoughts on bulk shopping? Have you tried it before? What are your methods?

Yours truly,


One thought on “How I shop #zerowaste

  1. I haven’t tried bulk shopping yet – my “going green” steps have been much, much tinier thus far. But I’ve wanted to start buying loose items like how you’re doing with the spices, I just haven’t been proactive about finding a place to shop. I appreciate your links, they’re giving me the push I needed! 🙂


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