Arroz Con Lily

Arroz Con Lily

Meet Liliana Clayton of Arroz Con Lily a local Foodie here in Dallas, Texas. (One of my favorite foodies currently.)

Originally from Dallas, Oak Cliff raised, Liliana always enjoyed looking for new places and things to do. Growing up in a Mexican household she learned at a young age that sharing food is love. Her mother had a deep love for cooking and making meals from scratch and that’s where Liliana learned to truly appreciate food.

What sets Arroz Con Lily apart from other Foodie bloggers and Instagrammers?

“Trying to focus on being organic, sharing what I enjoy, what reminds me of home and family, not just sharing Instagrammable places. I love to share hole in the wall places, what makes the community what it is. You forget what Oak Cliff used to be and what it still is. I want to be really transparent in what I am sharing with my audience and I want to make a connection through the food I share.”

What are your goals with your page/blog?

“I want to focus on being an outlet and sharing my opinions, travels, etc. The small, hole in the wall places, I want to share that. I want to grow for my audience and I want them to watch me grow.”

What are your top three must visit places here in Dallas?

“SMU Campus because of the memories I have there.
Herrera’s Restaurant
Cane Rosso Pizza”

You can find Liliana and all her foodie travel and adventures here.

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