10 Things I don’t waste money on:

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Now that I am no longer saving /spending for myself, I pay very close attention to our budget and expenses while we work on our debt and I wanted to share a few things we are saving on to help us on our debt free journey.

  1. Cable! With Netflix, Hulu and our local library, we have everything we need! (We currently only have Netflix at the moment but may be switching to Hulu soon. If you had/have both, which do you recommend?)
  2. Manicures – Fortunately for me, my nails are healthy and grow long so they are usually decent looking.
  3. Subscription boxes – Though there is a joy in receiving them each month, they can be very expensive over time and let’s be honest, you don’t use every single thing in the box for whatever reason and they end up in the landfill. Wasted money, time, resources, etc.
  4. Fashion trends – Most of my wardrobe comes from the thrift store and sometimes clearance racks at Walmart. I don’t keep up with what’s in style because I am comfortable and confident in what I wear and how I style it.
  5. Eating Out – I prepare most of our breakfast, lunch, dinners and find that there is no need to spend eating out when we have a fully stocked fridge at home. (That’s why grocery shopping is a must!)
  6. Feminine products like pads and tampons – I use a menstrual cup so not only am I saving money but I’m also reducing my waste when it comes to sending those used products to the landfill. (Interested in reading more about this? Click here!)
  7. Overdraft fees – I had my bank set up a block on my account even if I am one cent over what’s actually in my account. Ask your bank about something like this if you’d like to do the same.
  8. Desserts & sweet treats – Why buy them when I can make them at home where it will taste better and I know exactly what is going into it?
  9. Succulents – Buying them and bringing them home to take and post pictures has become a trend within the last few years and no one really keeps them alive. Over the last few years I have mastered propagating so there is no need to spend on more succulents. (Interested in propagating? Click here!)
  10. Preserves & jams – My parents have fruit trees in our yard and over the years, I’ve learned alongside my mother how to can and preserve.

These are a few of my favorite ways to save money/avoid spending. What are some things you don’t waste money on?

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