In June, my former Maid of Honor and I celebrated my Bachelorette trip by heading to Marfa, Texas which has been at the top of my list of places to visit before I die.

Understand one thing about Marfa, besides the fact that it’s literally in the middle of no where in West Texas, it is HOT! There is no shade anywhere and if you do not carry around your own water, you will surely dehydrate. Almost everything closes at 8:00 pm, there’s only one grocery store, a handful of restaurants and cafe’s and less than five places to stay for the night. There are a few shops, boutiques, and one museum that I regret not going to.

If you are into the city, loud events, crowded places, tons to do, Marfa is NOT for you. If you are looking to disconnect, cleanse and rid yourself of negativity or just want to have some quiet time to yourself, Marfa is the town for you. Fortunately that was just what I was looking for and what I needed to take a break from wedding planning at the time.

I wanted to share where I stayed, what I ate, where I visited:

Where I stayed: The legendary EL COSMICO (In my opinion, it’s a must to stay here if you visit Marfa! We stayed in a safari tent but there are also Yurts, Tepee’s and renovated campers and trailers to stay in.) 

What I ate: The best BBQ and corn on the cob I’ve had in awhile here at Convenience West.
I also had an amazing Acai Bowl here at Squeeze Marfa which had the cutest little alley way setup.

Where I visited: Freda

Again, Marfa isn’t the luxurious, perfect weather, party scene most are in to but it’s really a great town to get away from everything and everyone and recharge yourself which we all need from time to time.

Fun fact about Marfa:  “It was the site of the 1956 epic Giant, which starred James Dean as a rancher turned oil tycoon, and recently, two Oscar winners, No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood.”  (Excerpt taken from NPR)

Tips for Marfa:

  • Take a hat, even if you’re not a hat person.
  • Take sunblock and sunglasses.
  • Take an ice chest!
  • You MUST take a stainless steel container to not only keep your water in but to keep it COLD as long as possible! This is my favorite brand of stainless steel containers.
  • If you are going with company, make sure you really like them. Otherwise the heat will get to you and you will snap at them.
  • Take tons of spare clothes if you go during the summer, you’ll want to shower and change multiple times throughout the day.
  • If at all possible, try to not go during the peak of the summer. Maybe spring or early fall!
  • Do not be surprised by the lack of signal, you are in the middle of no where and very close to mountains and the border.
  • Last but not least, even though you are in the middle of no where, Marfa is a very safe town that is heavily secured by the Border Patrol.

Until the next trip,

-R. Garcia

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