Midway Mark

Javier and I have been engaged for three months now and I feel that since we are at our midway mark, I can share a few details and plans.

Wedding Planning:

We have planned to have a small and intimate wedding in September with our ceremony taking place at our Kingdom Hall and a small dinner with family afterwards.
My family has been a very big help with everything and Javier and I cannot thank them enough.

Yes, I have my dress and no, no one has seen it.

I have already had my first bridal shower that my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid hosted for me and it was beautiful!

Just about everything has been paid for or almost paid off, hand picked, ordered, delivered or being custom made.

We have registered at Target and Walmart.

I am so fortunate to have a partner who has been so supportive throughout this planning process and who has taken the initiative to pay things in full on his own.

Time has been requested off for our honeymoon which if you follow here you will know that Javier and I plan to road trip all around Texas in my camper. Yes, I know it’s not ideal for everyone but I am living out my dream of being on the road, even if it’s only for a few weeks.

We sent out Save the Dates to our family and friends out of town, actual invitations will be sent out in July. Again, it will be a small wedding and only our family and closest friends will be invited and we hope and pray that everyone respects our decision.

Home Life:

For awhile now, Javier and I had discussed our living situation in regards to our financials and spiritual goals. We prayed, studied these articles and started to look at different properties and homes. While it was fun actually looking at homes and imagining the possibilities, it was also stressful talking with realtors and looking at our budget.

We came to the conclusion that if we invested into a home right now, that we would more than likely have to pick up a side job along with both of our full time jobs in order for us to pay a mortgage, renters insurance, pay our utilities, maintenance work, groceries, our vehicles, full coverage insurance, etc.
While we both have held down two jobs before, we realized that not only would it take us away from each other but more importantly it would take us away from Jehovah.

A home for now is on the back burner and while I still would love to own one someday, “I am trying to make sure of the more important things.”

We then discussed apartments but I have never really liked the idea of living in an apartment.
I was very fortunate to grow up in the house my parents still live in and I was privileged to have my own room, my own bed, my own things, even a yard to run around in so the idea of leaving my home for an apartment, did not really sit well with me.
I know it works for other people and I’m sure apartment living is not terrible, it just scares me.

In case you didn’t know, I live in my own little house on my parents property. It’s a little bigger than a Tiny House but still small. It is completely separate from the main house and tucked away on the side and towards the back of the property.
It has a small porch, living room, a bathroom, a small dining area, kitchenette, an A-Frame bedroom and now a storage room.

I’ve been renting the house since 2011 and it’s been perfect for me all these years.
When discussing our living situation after marriage, I mentioned staying in my little house to help us save money since rent would be affordable and we would not need to work two jobs each, that it would still be close to his current job and his family and above all, that we would be able to reach our spiritual goals together.

We are so blessed that my parents have not only provided us somewhere to live but that they have gone above and beyond and have built an additional room which is now a storage room for all of mine and Javier’s things.

My home has been furnished for years now but with Javier moving in soon, I wanted to make the home ours.
Our first big purchase together was a couch which is now set up thanks to Javier!
We have bought several other pieces since then and since our storage room is now finished, we have been building, cleaning, and unpacking in our casita.
Slowly but surely everything has been coming together and we are so happy and excited!

Thank you for reading,

– R. Vargas

One thought on “Midway Mark

  1. That plan sounds absolutely lovely. Ya’ll are wise. Do not let material things get in the way. If it is your desire to pioneer (or whatever those goals might be), test Jehovah out and see the blessing while having a strong spiritual head supporting you. I love reading your entries.


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