Thrifting Tips

Today is National Thrift Shop Day and while it’s just another day for some people, it’s a great day for me since the majority of everything I own comes from a thrift shop, consignment store, garage sale, or estate sale. Not to mention my favorite thrift store Texas Thrift is giving customers a $5 OFF Customer Appreciation Coupon on any purchase of $25 or more!

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day, I thought I would share some thrifting tips with you all:

  • Be patient. The majority of the time when you thrift, you will have to sort out clothes or look through racks/bins. It can take awhile but you will be so thankful when you find something special and unique.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing when thrifting. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you if you stand for awhile and if you wear loose clothing, it will make it that much quicker when you are trying on clothes.
  • Take a tote/recyclable bag. Some thrift stores don’t have baskets or carts and if they do, they normally are hard to find so instead of carrying everything in your hands, just take a tote! Recyclable bags also come in handy since some thrift stores/consignment shops do not offer any bags when checking out.
  • Be optimistic. If you walk into a thrift shop and think you aren’t going to find anything at all, you would be surprised at what you come out with.
  • Look for coupons and watch out for colored tags and special offers during the week. Yes, even thrift stores offer coupons. At my favorite thrift store, when you spend $30 or more, you receive a 30% off coupon on your next purchase and when you spend $50 or more, you receive a 50% off coupon on your next purchase. Most thrift stores have items that are tagged with certain colors meaning they are cheaper than the original mark. Certain days during the week also mean things will be cheaper.
  • Sign up for their e-newsletters. Now that thrifting is a major trend, most thrift shops offer newsletters and text message updates when they have sales or new arrivals!
  • Hit up your local thrift stores after holidays! I think everyone knows that many people donate things they did not want right after major holidays. Sometimes, actually many times you are able to find name brand and unopened items.

Over the last few years while thrifting, I have been able to find Dooney & Bourke purses, Fossil & Casio watches, Canon lens, KitchenAid accessories, furniture, name brand clothes, etc.

Thrifting is not for everyone but I am all about saving a few bucks and standing out with my unique finds.
A few of my other favorite thrifting bloggers are Allie Mora and Chelsea Predvil so be sure to check them out and subscribe to their blogs as well.

Happy thrifting folks!


– R. Vargas

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