Glamping in Austin

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog, you know that I go on road trips often. On this occasional trip, I went back to Austin with my friend Jasmin, my boyfriend and his brother.

Once we made our way to Austin, we stopped at Zilker Park to go kayaking.

Canon 559

Canon 557
We were fortunate enough to find this Airbnb listing with two trailers on site so we were all able to stay on the same property. Our trailer was named, “Miss Daisy,” and she was the cutest. She had the vintage retro theme going on and I adored it.

Canon 570

Canon 565

Canon 572

Canon 574

Canon 576

Canon 578

Canon 577

Since we were “technically,” camping, we did prep and make meals together on the site. The first night we grilled fajitas and roasted corn.

Canon 582

Canon 585

Canon 595

The next day we got up really early to swim at Barton Springs and it was freezing. But we made the most of it.

During our visit, we made a quick trip to Jerry’s Artarama which I had been dying to visit for years but never was able to. Of course it being an art store, it had several paintings, murals and graffiti on every wall and we took advantage of it all.

Canon 603

Canon 624

Canon 627

Canon 629

When we visit South Congress in Austin, Javier always wants to eat pizza from Home Slice. After we finish eating, we walk up and down the street talking to the locals and stop at food trucks for dessert.

Canon 638



Canon 647

Canon 660

I stopped at a Crepe food truck with the sweetest French man.

Canon 662

Canon 669

Canon 671

One of our last stops in South Congress was stopping by the infamous, “I love you so much,” wall. Fun fact, this is where Javier asked me to be his girlfriend earlier this year.

On our last day there, we packed up and loaded the truck and headed to a farmers market for some local goods.

Canon 673

Canon 679

Canon 682

If anyone ever comes across Wow Texas Honey, it is literally the best honey you will ever try. Especially the clover honey.

Canon 683

Canon 684

Canon 685

Canon 688

Canon 689

Canon 690

Canon 691

Canon 693

Canon 697

Canon 702

Canon 703

Canon 705

We had a great time and as we always do in Austin!


-R. Vargas

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