Shulammite Spotlight

Recently I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos on people who live in camper vans/tiny houses and I came across Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey.

I love the concept of her living a simple life in order to travel the world for part of the year! Visit her blog and watch this video to see more of her tiny home!

In case you didn’t know, I live in a small house my father built on his property and this video along with many others motivates me to continue to keep a simple life for the greater things that lie ahead.

I’ll be back on the road this weekend so stay tuned or head on over to my Instagram to see what I’m up to!


– R. Vargas

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Just a proud Texan blogging about baking + cooking, crafting, gardening, journaling, preaching, reading, thrifting, and traveling.

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