Peach Fest

On July 8th, my friend Jasmin and I made our way to Weatherford, TX for Parker County’s 33rd Annual Peach Festival.
We had been planning the trip for some time and counted down the days until we could see, smell, and taste all things peaches.


I brought along my camera, fan, market bag and purse of course for the quick day trip.

There were vendors selling all kinds of arts and crafts, home decor, clothes and aprons, sauces, spices, and obviously all kinds of peach flavored teas, lemonades, shaved ice, jubilees, ice cream, pies, cobblers, etc.


Unfortunately by the time we arrived which was later in the day, the farmers who were selling their produce including peaches had already put up and left for the day which I was completely bummed about but we still made the most of the festival and agreed that for next years festival we would go much earlier.

We shopped around and sampled what we could, took tons of pictures and talked to all the friendly local vendors and here are a few of my favorite snapshots:

Canon 527

Canon 528

Canon 532.JPG

Canon 540

Canon 543

Canon 546

Hopefully next year when we attend the Peach Fest, we’ll actually bring home peaches!


–  R. Vargas


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