Organic Body Butter & Body Scrub + GIVEAWAY


I’ve been researching different body care products for the last few weeks and I am trying to stay away from products that contain chemicals I can’t pronounce, that have been tested on animals and that will cause my skin to have an allergic reaction.

I was gifted a sample of Organic Bedstuy Body Butter and Willie-B Sugar Scrub from Brooklyn Kat and when I read some of the reviews for these different products, I found testimonials of eczema clearing up, inflammation and red skin reducing and diminishing dark under-eye bags so I decided to try them.

I cannot believe how moisturized and hydrated these have left my skin!
Not to mention how incredible it smells!
I used the Willie- B Sugar Scrub while I showered and once I dried myself off, my skin was still smooth and soft.
I hesitated to use the Bedstuy Body Butter because my skin was already moisturized so I didn’t really see a need to use it but I did anyway and my skin has never felt smoother.

I watched a documentary years ago that asked the question,“If you would not put it in your mouth and consume it, why would you put it on your skin?”
That question has always stumped me.

I am seriously so OBSESSED with these products and I feel the need to share and encourage others to look into them. Especially if you have sensitive skin or you are looking into a more natural lifestyle. 
That being said, I am giving away a gift set of the Bedstuy Body Butter and Willie-B Sugar Scrub to one of my followers!
Remember the products are 100% natural and handmade. 

All you have to do is comment below and tell me what your current obsession is when it comes to body care.
I will announce the winner Monday so best wishes!


– R. Vargas

27 thoughts on “Organic Body Butter & Body Scrub + GIVEAWAY

    1. You know from the pictures I’ve seen of you, I would have never guessed you had acne. Your skin looks clear to me!
      I’ve never really had a problem with acne but I did have a discoloration on my face.
      I’m not the darkest but I’m pretty brown and I had white blotches/spots on my face for years and finally had to see a dermatologist.

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  1. I used to use sooo many products to try and clear up my acne. Little did I know that simply drinking more water and using Coconut Oil instead of medicated moisturizer would clear up my skin so quickly! I also use coconut oil on my mom’s feet, nail cuticles, and heels (she always uses sandals, so sometimes her skin would be so dry it would crack & bleed) and they’ve improved tremendously.

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  2. Recently I started using a sugar & coconut oil based lip scrub, it works great after feeling like I had chapped lips, it restored them after 2 nights! That and this Coconut Monoi Oil for my hair at night has made my hair super soft/tangle free… Some of my friends recommended for me to start doing the no brush only finger combing and adding natural hair products to make the hair healthy. After sticking to this with my most recent haircut, the results are definitely there, I used to have one good hair day after like 2 or 3 hair struggle days but now I rarely have frizzy hair! I really look forward to my nightly routine now.

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    1. I would like to look into making a sugar scrub for my lips. You should help me since you enjoy making stuff too! Like your slime lol. So is your hair just frizzy? Or thin or do you have thick hair?


  3. Two words: coconut oil. That plus sugar, cinnamon and a few scrubs and you’re ready! I was looking for something homemade because products here are way more expensive than the U.S, coconut oil totally save my life! 🌴

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  4. I’m always trying to use new products and I’m trying to use natural ones(if you recommend any please tell!) but the 2 recents ones I’ve used is Burts Bees Renewal Refining cleanser and Biore charcoal. I really like Burts Bees because it leaves your skin feeling very hydrating and smooth. It exfoliates well even with makeup on. Now the one I’m currently using Biore is also good. I reallly like it cause it opens up your pores and leaves your skin feeling minty and fresh. But I don’t like how it leaves my skin feeling a bit dry. My skin is dry and I would say is dehydrated but I drink a good amount of water but that doesn’t work. I’ve gone to the doctor cause I started getting this stretchy weird feeling on my face and they gave me a medicated cream but that didn’t work either. So here I am trying new things! ❤️

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    1. I LOVE Burts Bee’s products! All of them! Now for my face however, I use Noxema to moisturize it and I’ve been using that since I was about 13. After that I would use Ponds lotion on my face and it keeps it really soft and I don’t have skin peeling. Now I have added in Rosewater to my facial routine and not only does it smell amazing, it gives you a glow and it has so many benefits. Helps diminish spots or discoloration and helps keep the skin when it comes to wrinkles. Oh and it gives you a nice glow too!
      I used to have white spots on my face when I was a teenager and a dermatologist recommended I put Selson Blue on my face and leave it there for 10 minutes for seven days and my spots disappeared!


      1. You can find it anywhere really. Typically at any natural/organic grocery store in the beauty section. You can even find the brand I have above at Urban Outfitters, that’s where I got mine.


  5. I’m currently obsessed with the Soap & Glory “Flake Away” body polish. It has shea butter, sugar & peach seed, making it smell delicious & naturally a wonderful exfoliant. I am a person with super sensitive skin & it’s so hard for me to find skincare products that work & are affordable. The entire Soap & Glory line, including their makeup, are some of my favorites!

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  6. I’ve never been a person to put lotion on. Now that I’m getting older I feel that I SHOULD start hydrating my skin. My only real concern is that I’m very sensitive to anything I put on my face I actually take my time to investigate what ingredients are in products.

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  7. First of all, what documentary is this? I’d love to watch it. Also, I too have been looking into skincare more, though not necessarily “organic;” The more natural, the better though. I’ve been looking into Asian beauty with an interest in Korean beauty. I’ve come to find out that my skin is actually more sensitive than I thought. I have been using an Asian facial cleanser that’s more balm-like. I sort of love it because it doesn’t leave me feeling dry and tight after washing (which is actually not supposed to happen if you use the right product). I only said “sort of” because this is the first of cleansers and I’m still learning. That all being said, maybe we can talk some more about it during EMS. I wanna talk about baby food on the face and sunscreens. Sorry for the long reply.

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    1. I would like to say the documentary was, “Forks over Knives,” but I’ll have to double check and get back to you.

      I use Noxema which seems to be a staple product in a Mexican household. Do you use it for any reason?
      Also, I would LOVE to use Korean beauty care products but since I break out in hives and can’t read their ingredients on the package, I’m a little scared to buy any of their stuff. It’s so cute and kitschy looking but man I’m terrified.

      Baby food on the face? Can’t say I know anything about that.
      Let’s discuss later!


  8. I love this so much! For me, I am currently obsessed with using coffee grounds mixed with a small amount of virgin coconut oil as an alternative body exfoliator. Definitely natural and leaves my skin feeling smooth and smelling good! But I am always on the look out for trying new organic items for my skin.

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    1. So why coffee grounds instead of other ingredients? What does coffee do to your skin that other things can’t? Obviously I’m just curios because I’m looking to make my own scrub someday soon.


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