Health & Happiness Update Pt. III

February was an incredibly busy month so this update will be short. 

I had so much to do with blog visits, my Circuit Assembly, hosting a house guest and the mini road trip. 

I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked and my meals weren’t prepped like before but I did eat healthy even while out of town which I’m extremely proud of! 

I also enrolled in a program that offers health coach sessions which was made available to me through my job. I am super thankful for it! I’ve had two sessions so far and have been given different assignments and goals which I am currently working on. 

Last but not least, I got a Fitbit Alta! Which I had been looking into for awhile so I’m very happy. 

I love it! I’ve been trying to hit 8,000+ steps every day. I’ve also been monitoring my sleep. 

Are you working on any health goals? Do you have a Fitbit? If so, lets be friends! 

-R. Vargas 

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Just a proud Texan blogging about baking + cooking, crafting, gardening, journaling, preaching, reading, thrifting, and traveling.

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