Pie-Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

I was recently invited to Pie-Tap  for dinner and was welcomed by such a great staff who were very attentive and knowledgeable about the product and concept.


The owner of Pie-Tap is known to be an entrepreneur with big ideas who is also a major health freak.
When he thought of the concept of Pie-Tap, he wanted great pizza yet simple and clean.

The dough that is served takes 96 hours for the yeast to ferment and only contains five ingredients. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you are not able to pronounce. The crust offered can also be gluten free.


Pie-Tap’s head chef Gio comes from Sicily and when the concept of this restaurant was created, they traveled the world for the variety of sauces to incorporate.
That being said, all pastas and bread are homemade.


Pie-Tap takes pride in working with local vendors and farmers.Some ingredients such as herbs are even pulled directly from their garden outside of their dining area.


The star(s) of the workshop are really the twin Italian ovens that were shipped directly from Italy. These were said to be a necessity.
They are the key to the operations and pizza. 


As if they didn’t offer enough already, they deliver pizza, beer and wine everyday of the week!
Choose from over 35 taps which include beer and wine.


Passion is put behind every single dish and plate. Everything is fresh, flavorful, and the pizza is unlike any kind of pizza you’ve ever had before.
The marinara sauce taste like the tomatoes were just picked from the garden and squeezed in the kitchen and placed on your plate before you. It is that fresh!


What really amazed me was that chef courses are offered to employees! Chef courses! What other company do you know that does that?
It’s obvious this company not only cares about their product and ingredients but also their employees.


The kitchen is an open concept because the transparency to see what the chefs are cooking, how they are handling the food, and what they are serving to guests is essential.


Not only was the food amazing but I truly believe the hospitality that was displayed here is everything a restaurant should be. My blog content photographer Jannet and I cannot thank Pie-Tap enough for the privilege of hosting us!
If you live in the DFW area be sure to wine & dine at one of Pie-Tap’s locations. Just make sure you reserve a table since it is a popular spot!

I’ll be heading back soon for the brunch specials, you can’t beat $3 Mimosas!


– R. Vargas

| Pie-Tap provided me with product. The opinions I have shared about the products are solely my own. | All photography credit is due to the services of Jannet Medellin Photography

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