Lesson of 2016 

Photo credit: Bianca Arcienega

“You can’t please everyone.”

This time last year, I was stuck in a rut. 

Emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I knew I was going to overcome everything I just had no idea of when and the stress and anxiety just continued to build up.

I was trying so hard to please everyone around me but I couldn’t even please myself.

Now that the year has come to an end, I can’t help but to look back with the biggest smile on my face and thank Jehovah continuously.

This year was full of growth and I’d like to share the highlights with you all:

  • I was (permanently) invited to have a family worship night with one of my favorite couples in my congregation.
  • I met a few pen pals in person!
  • I was able to land my dream job of working at one of the best children’s hospitals in Texas.
  • I was baptized despite the many discouraging trials I faced a few months earlier.
  •  I saw my two favorite musical talents perform live! (Coldplay & Adele)
  • I auxiliary pioneered for the first time shortly after getting baptized.
  • I put in an application for the LDC.
  • I finally came to the conclusion that while caring for everyone else’s needs and happiness, I needed to find a balance and prioritize my needs and happiness as well.

All the memorable things that happened to me this year, I owe to Jehovah God.

I have a few spiritual goals I’d like to focus on and accomplish in 2017 and I know that as long as I put Jehovah first, I will accomplish them.

– R. Vargas

3 thoughts on “Lesson of 2016 

  1. Yesss I agree with Rhanda the last bullet point!!! So true the sooner to learn this the better and healthier, it’s feels like such an endless battle trying to please everyone around you, not to mention disappointing.


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