Shulammitegirl Snaps: December 

During the month of December I:

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  • Tried award-winning gourmet cinnamon rolls from Cinnaholic.
  • Had an interchange of encouragement with a friend who is also a pioneer in a foreign field and you can keep up with her here.
  • After an ongoing battle with myself for years, I finally splurged and bought myself a Canon Rebel.
  • Started a new spiritual project. (Spiritual Planner)
  • Was included in a spiritual gathering where we had the best pozole hands down!

How did you spend the last month of the year?


– R.Vargas

6 thoughts on “Shulammitegirl Snaps: December 

    • I’ve always been a lover of planners/agendas and all things spiritually. Like you, I was inspired for the spiritual planner by @_basamortuan on IG. Love her feed and the idea of a spiritual planner just made sense. I’d love to focus on my personal study and deepen my appreciation for Jehovah more. I think this planner will help. My personal planner has everything else but my spiritual planner will be focused solely on my spiritual journey if that makes sense. Stay tuned! 😘

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