From pen-pals to real life:

At the end of my late teens and early twenties I had a tumblr blog and on that blog I connected with someone through a #JW related post.

Her name was Chelsea.
We quickly befriended each other and hit it off.
Now I know that people on social media can sometimes live double lives so I made sure I took my time getting to know her.

Over time we exchanged numbers and would text each other from time to time and soon after that, we became pen-pals.

As time went on we talked more and more and eventually made plans to visit each other to meet in person.
Chelsea is from New York and I am from Texas so visiting would involve serious planning.

We finally brought those plans to life this year.

I had been preparing for her visit for weeks!
From grocery shopping, to deep cleaning, trying to make every detail perfect.

After four years of talking and getting to know each other, we finally met.





Our first embrace.

SE 038.JPG

The night she landed we took her to an Asian buffet and a record store.


She did not want to pose.


Once we finally got home, we got in our mumu’s and got comfortable.

SE 041

The next morning I made her a simple breakfast in bed.

SE 046

This was taken at the Grapevine Mills in front of the Rainforest Cafe.



Saturday morning we spent out in service.

SE 051

SE 057.JPG

While out in service, we found a Little Free Library.


SE 053

SE 054

The rule is, “Take a book, leave a book.”


SE 056

SE 058

We also spotted a Magnolia tree and Chelsea had a fit over it.

SE 059

SE 060

SE 061

After service we went to the Dallas Diner for a late breakfast.

SE 062

SE 064

Out of all the things that Chelsea and I did, her favorite thing to do was sitting on my futon and drinking her tea in peace while watching “Alias,” on Netlix.

SE 065

We took her to CrushCraft too! (My favorite Thai food restaurant.)

SE 066

Studying our Watchtower together.

SE 067

Barefoot Chelsea with our peach tree.

SE 069

I can’t remember what joke I was telling her but I sure did make her laugh.

SE 081

My bible teacher got her a cake!

SE 078

Right before we went to the weekly meeting.

SE 072

Upon her request, we went to Hypnotic Donuts.

SE 073

SE 074

I also took her to my favorite thrift store.

SE 075

We ate Whataburger twice while she was here. She loved it.

SE 082

Finally our last day together came.

SE 084

We had an early start and went to, “Norma’s Cafe,” in Oak Cliff and then headed to the Bishop Arts District.

SE 088


SE 089

SE 086

SE 090SE 091

SE 093

SE 103

SE 104

SE 106

This picture has nothing to do with Chelsea’s visit, I just really liked my pin.

SE 107

The following murals were taken in Deep Ellum.

SE 110

SE 111

SE 114

SE 115

SE 118

Lula B’s

SE 121SE 119SE 123SE 124SE 122


SE 126

Found this literature cart at the airport when Chelsea was waiting to board the plane.

SE 125

Like all good things, her visit came to an end.

These pictures could never show the amount of love and laughter we shared together during her visit.
Not only did we encourage and build one another up, but her visit taught me a very important reminder:
It taught me to humble myself and to be patient with others even more so than I try now.

We are now planning her next visit and praying that Jehovah will continue to bless us and our friendship now and in the future.


-R. Vargas




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