Little Things to Cheer Me Up

Personally when I am feeling blue or down in the dumps, I prefer to have some space and take time for myself.

I try not to wallow in self pity or play the victim when it comes to certain feelings but I do think of things I can do and enjoy alone that will lift my spirits.

So I thought I would share my list of, “Little Things to Cheer Me Up.”

Love 064

I find the time to make a nice big breakfast including freshly squeezed orange juice.

August 145.JPG

I check out the latest exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art and I plan my visit.

November 028

I buy cute stationery and send letters and cards out to my pen pals.

Old Chicago II 658

I buy crafting supplies and start working on little projects.

Last of Jan 006

I plan and craft in my planner.

Flowers in March 013

I plant in my garden and I make fresh bouquets.

Fall 247

I bake and decorate.

January 019

I go thrifting.

May 134

I cook out and make a nice lunch or dinner.

11.19.14 016

I go to a book store and find a new book.

Those are a few of the things I do to cheer me up.

What little things do you do to cheer you up?


-R. Vargas

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