Everyday People

Working in customer service has shed some light to something I used to stay away from, people watching. 

I used to steer clear of looking at people or interacting with them more than I had to.
Not because I wanted to be rude, but just because I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

I’ve met some nice people and some not so nice people while handling transactions.
And when I meet the nice people and not so nice people, I have found myself praying for them no matter what type of person they are.

My first day on the job, I came into contact with an older man who asked me if I was a Muslim. He had a very thick southern accent.
I actually didn’t know what to say so I just smiled.
He asked why I was wearing a head wrap (I was wearing a beanie) and that I looked like a Muslim, that I should take it off.
I kindly told him I was not a Muslim, that I was a Mexican American.
He shook his head and told me that Texas was filled with, “too much foreigners.”
He left and my eyes were wide.
I prayed for him. I feel he really needed it.

One woman I came into contact with didn’t even speak to me.
She was on her phone the whole time.
Cursing and speaking with her hands.
She seemed so upset and disgusted.
I didn’t even want to tell her her total because I was afraid she’d lash out at me.
After she finished paying she thanked me and was still on her phone and calmed down a bit.
It appeared that she had been feeling inadequate at work and her boss wasn’t treating her very well so she was in fear that she may be losing her job.
She apologized for being on the phone for so long and I assured her it wasn’t a problem.
I handed her the receipt and after she thanked me again, I said a silent prayer for her.

Next I came into contact with a woman who threw a plastic bag at me.
She wasn’t even my customer. I was just there to help and she threw a plastic bag at me.
Again, I prayed for her.
Maybe she was having a rough day and she couldn’t help but take it out on me.
I prayed that she had a better day.

Just the other day there was a young man in line who didn’t have enough money to cover all his items and unlike the customers behind him who were getting frustrated as he searched for change in his pockets, wallet, messenger bag, the lady behind him told me to add her items with his and bag his separately.
I looked a bit confused and she smiled and told me she was going to pay for everything he got. Instead of just covering the amount of what he didn’t have, she told him to put his money away and that she would take care of it.
She spent $26.06 on his items and after the transaction ended, he thanked her over and over again and she patted his back and invited him to her home for her groups bible study later that night.
I was so impressed that someone was so kind to a complete stranger that she paid for his things willingly AND invited him over for bible study.
I don’t think I’ll ever forget her.
I thanked her for being so loving and I prayed that her spirit is never crushed by anything in this world.

I’m learning that there are still beautiful people out in this crazy world.
I’m trying not to judge those who are not so kind, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
It’s not always easy but it’s a work in progress.

“However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you…”
-Matthew 5:44

-R. Vargas

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