Dear Future Me:

Rocio, wherever you are, know that that is exactly where you are supposed to be.
Whether it is a high place or a low place, you are exactly where you should be.

I hope you have continued to experience both good and bad situations in life and they have molded you into the person you are today.

I pray that you have worked on being patient with your family, your friends, strangers, but most importantly, with yourself.
You are very hard on yourself even when you don’t have to be and I understand you discipline yourself but you have to balance that out with loving yourself.

Reading, writing, and taking pictures have been your favorite things to do since you were a child so I hope you’re still keeping up with them daily.
Most importantly, writing.
You’ve been writing in a journal since you were four so never lose that ability to write whenever, wherever, about whatever.

Your relationship with Jehovah should be the most important aspect in your life and you should always think of new ways to improve it.
Keep in mind that no matter what, there is always room for improvement.

You’ve always been a simple lady.
Thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales are in your blood.
I hope you stay humble and never forget about where you came from.

Don’t ever forget about taking care of your aging parents because you know of too many elderly people who leave this world not knowing whether they were loved or not.

Don’t ever stop tending to your grandparents because you owe them everything.
When your father was in Mexico and your mother was working downtown taking multiple buses to go back and forth to provide for you and your two brothers, your grandparents did everything for you.
You know there are no ends to what a grandparent does for their grandchildren.

I am unaware if you’ll start to date in the future or if you’ll ever get married but I do want to commend you on giving love another try.
Like every young girl, you were scarred before and never thought you could love again.
It did take a few years but you opened up your heart to love again.
Though things did not work out the way you first assumed, you still loved and from past me to future me, I am so proud of you.
If you are to be in a relationship, I hope he never treats you like you’re ordinary.

If you’re able to take care of yourself better than you do now, I hope you got that pug you always wanted.

I know Mr. Andy is still sitting on top of your bed in good condition.
I have no doubt about that.
Continue to give him hugs and cry on him when you’ve had a bad day.

Hopefully your Spanish is more fluent and maybe, just maybe your French is getting there.

Baking and cooking should be a daily thing. Always trying new things is a must.
Be open to things. Keep that in mind.

You’ve always been a leader and not a follower.
I don’t suspect you’ll ever leave that trait behind.

More than anything, I hope you find your half brother some day soon.
Give him a hug if you can and apologize for the situation you were both put in even if it wasn’t your fault.
Tell him you love him even if you don’t know anything about him.
Remember that the same blood runs through you both.

Never give up hope that your brothers, mother, or father may come into the truth some day.

Smile more, laugh often, and learn to say, “I love you,” without hesitation.
Give compliments when they should be given.
Forgive freely.
I cannot stress that enough.
Travel when the opportunity arises.
Document everything.
Trust in Jehovah.
And always, in all ways,

Love yourself Rocio.


Past me



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