Answered Prayers

Towards the end of November I was offered a job position with Central Market which is owned by H.E.B.
With bittersweet emotions I decided to leave the bakery and I accepted the position.

Leaving the bakery was not easy especially since I worked with such a stellar team. I am very fortunate to have worked alongside some pretty amazing people.
Two of which allow me to place magazines with them each month!

I learned many lessons from working at the bakery that I would like to share:

  • I learned to live on less. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll remember that I took a major pay decrease when I left working full time at the hospital last year in the early fall. I left the hospital because the full time and overnight hours were really putting a strain on my relationship with Jehovah.
  • With learning to live on less and budgeting, I learned to conserve and save money.
  • I learned to manage my time wisely.
  • I learned a few different preaching methods from experienced pioneers since I was able to be out in the ministry more.
  • I learned that even at work, maintaining a Christian conduct can really interest others into asking a few questions about your beliefs.
  • I learned more about Vietnamese culture. (My former manager is Vietnamese.)
  • I realized how humble and hard working it is to work in a bakery. I assumed going into the bakery that it would be a dainty and simple job but goodness was I wrong. I will not miss lifting 50 pounds of confectionery sugar anytime soon!

After my vacation ended, I came home and had been overwhelmed with the finances of school, rent, saving for a car, basically adult life.
I prayed incessantly begging Jehovah to please give me strength and help me cope with things because I felt so much anxiety.

I was torn due to the fact that I needed to become financially stable but I also wanted to be out in the ministry more.
I was fortunate to receive a few positions throughout the year but in one way or another, they still affected my relationship with Jehovah.
I would either miss a weekly meeting or I’d miss my Sunday meeting.

When I prayed to Jehovah, I was very specific.
I prayed for a flexible schedule that would allow me to continue out in service during the week, make both meetings on time, allow me to continue with night school, stability, and pay that would make things a little easier.
I know, I know, I sound picky. I figured if it was to put Jehovah first, he would provide some kind of way although I didn’t know exactly how or when.

As time went on, things got harder and I felt so low and discouraged. My car kept giving me problems, I was running low on funds, I grew more and more emotional with each day. I continued to pray though.

I considered picking up another job. I was worried about working multiple jobs but I knew I had to do something.
So I started applying and I heard back from a few but none seemed very promising.

I received an invitation from Central Market for a job fair. I wasn’t feeling too strongly about it but I thought, “What have I got to lose?”
I went to the job fair and saw around 20-25 people there.
I felt even more discouraged but again I prayed and told myself that if Jehovah wanted me there, he would find a way.

The job fair was an all day event and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.
As time went on, the large group started trickling down.

Within hours I was told I advanced to the next round. I thought, “How many rounds are there?!”

I met with the head of the bakery department. (I initially applied for a bakery position.)
We had a very good talk and things went well.
I was told that the job could be mine BUT it was night shifts so that meant I would have to miss my meetings.
Sadly I knew the job wasn’t for me and we both ended on a good note.

The next day he called me back and asked if he could transfer my information to the service department. I was really surprised because I thought my career with Central Market was a no go.
Within five minutes someone called me back for a follow up interview and fifteen minutes later I was offered a job with a flexible schedule that allowed me to keep up with service, make meetings on time, go to night school, paid me $1.50 more than what I was already making at the bakery, and stability. As a bonus the company even offers PTO, benefits, and tons of perks!

I sincerely feel that Jehovah answered my prayers.
Again, I didn’t know how or when he would answer them but I had faith he would provide and he did just so.

Central Market 024

Breakfast from the Job Fair

Central Market 025

Breakfast from the Job Fair

Central Market 040

Breakfast from the Job Fair

Central Market 042

Breakfast from the Job Fair


-R. Vargas

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