Journal Entry Pt. II

On my vacation this summer while I was putting up a few things in my room in Mexico, I found and old journal of mine with this inside:

(One day before turning 21) ——- 4/18/13

Things to be Thankful for:

  • You are alive.
  • Both your parents are alive and in your life.
  • Your two older yet boastful brothers love you very much and would do anything for you.
  • Though Big Blue has worried you these last few months, he is still running and he’s been with you the past 3 years.
  • You love your grandparents very much & they love you too. In fact, you are their absolute favorite.
  • Every family member who is close to your heart is in good shape and mildly healthy.
  • You’ve worked with the same company for the past two years and four months.
  • You have your own little house. Perfect sanctuary for your privacy and solitude.
  • You have managed to work since you were 16, graduate on time, put yourself through college, pay off your own car, and pay rent all on your own.
  • You have also managed to open up your heart and love.
  • You have had the courage to pick up the pieces of yourself when things have gone bad.
  • You realize things for what they were, what they are, and what they cannot be and you leave it at that.
  • You didn’t like the person you once were but you have recognized your mistakes and you have felt guilt which shows how much you have grown.
  • You are a firm believer in time healing all wounds.
  • You have learned to love and let go for the best.
  • You held on to hatred and grudges for such a long time for something that was out of your hands, but with time, you have learned to forgive and show forgiveness.
  • You have had the honor and privilege of meeting some wonderful people throughout the last couple of years whom you have a special relationship/bond with.
  • Everything in your life is right where it should be. You don’t need any more or any less of what you have at this exact moment.
  • You are almost done with school so take it easy and be proud but do not give up.
  • You are a talented writer though you are skeptical of your work.
  • You are a very determined young woman, once you have your mind set on something you keep going until you have finished what you started.
  • You are a unique and exquisite human being.
  • You run a fabulous blog.
  • You traveled when you were younger and it’s almost time for you to travel again.
  • You don’t live with the regret of losing it to some idiot.
  • You have an immaculate taste in music.
  • Your style is all your own and nothing else could compare to how you create your looks.
  • You are an acquired taste and you will continue to acquire taste.
  • You’re not quite the beauty but that’s okay because you are more than just a cute face.
  • You have pretty skin with or without makeup.
  • You have an odd body shape but at least you are happy and content with yourself.
  • You are a leader and not a follower.
  • You are open minded and willing to hear other options.
  • You are the best at listening and letting others vent to you without talking all about yourself.
  • You have learned to not settle for anything less than you deserve.
  • You love many and you are loved by many.
  • You will continue to be great in life.
  • Last but not least you have opened your heart to Jehovah God and put him first in your life and he has continued to bless your efforts and fill all the gaps in your heart with his wisdom, guidance, support, and his worldwide organization.
  • The utmost reason to be thankful is because you know that he will never leave you.

    -Rocio A. Vargas

There’s been a few changes from 21 year old Rocio to now 23 year old Rocio, but none the less I continue to grow.
If I could go back and tell myself something at that age, it would most likely be, “Rocio, it’s about to get a lot harder but keep going.”

-R. Vargas

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