One Year Blog Anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary with my Shulammitegirl blog.

1 year 003

Initially I started this blog just to keep up with my daily life, share recipes and my favorite quotes, and to encourage myself to continue to write and take pictures.

I didn’t expect my blog to attract attention or to gain any followers really but to my surprise, I’ve gained over a hundred within this past year. Of course to some bloggers, that’s nothing but it means so much to me since my followers actually interact with me and continue to keep up with my blog.

While at work today, I mentioned to my coworkers that today was my one year anniversary with my blog and the crafter Samy, surprised me with this:

Blog 029It was a Pecan Praline bundtlet, topped with a sunflower, and a message card that read, “Shulammitegirl’s 1 Year Blogversary!!” It was decorated and wrapped and attached was also a balloon.
I was told to pop the balloon and once I did, confetti popped out!
Blog 030Blog 031

As a thank you to reaching over a hundred followers and my one year anniversary, I’d like to do a giveaway.
It will be a personalized care package of goodies for one of my followers picked at random.
There aren’t much rules to this giveaway, I just ask that if you are interested, you leave a comment below.

Thank you for the love and support!


-R. Vargas

15 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Wow congratulations! I’m only about two to three months into my blog and I too, am very surprised by the amount of people interested in my blog. 🙂 the blogging community has welcomed me with open arms and kindness. 🙂 and I LOVE it when people interact with me too. 🙂 it’s gotta be the best part because you get to know people and talk about your interests. 🙂 and what a lovely cake! 🙂
    By the way: I’d totally be interested in entering that giveaway lol

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      1. I just sent you my contact information via email. I’m so excited that I won!!! 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been really busy at work lately!

        Liked by 1 person

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