French Playlist:

Whether I’m getting ready for bed and want soothing music to help me sleep, out for a long drive with a scenic view or feeling blue, I tend to listen to French music.
There’s just something about the music that puts me at ease.
Maybe its the accordion, the piano, the violin, or all of them combined.

My love for French music first began with the legendary Edith Piaf of course but over the years I’ve listened to other French artist who I enjoy just as much.
I’ve made a playlist to help me keep track of my favorite French songs that I would like to share with you now. 

  1. Le Festin -Camille
  2. Pink Martini -Sympathique
  3. La Mer -Charles Trenet
  4. Petite Rose -Clemént Jacques
  5. La Compliante de la Butte -Rufus Wainwright
  6. La Ciel dans une Chambre -Carla Bruni
  7. Couer de Pirate -Francis
  8. Moi Je Joue -Brigitte Bardot
  9. Les Champs Elysées -Joe Dassin
  10. Toi et Moi -Guillaume Grand
  11. Les plus beau de Quartier -Carla Bruni
  12. La même histoire – Feist
  13. L’amour -Carla Bruni
  14. La Noyee -Carla Bruni
  15. Quelqu’un m’a dit -Carla Bruni


-R. Vargas

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