Out and About in the Garden:

If you know me personally, you know that I really enjoy gardening.
But that wasn’t always the case.

As a little girl, I constantly noticed my mother in her garden. I believe she spent most of her time in her garden and in the kitchen. But she existed in the garden.

It actually used to bother me that she preferred spending time with her flowers more than she would spend time inside with me.
I laughed at her year after year when she would skip around in the garden and not only talk to her flowers, but also sing to them.
I thought it was all so silly at the time.

Not until I got older did I realize all the hard work and dedication my mother put into her garden.
Now older and more appreciative of things, even small things, I really appreciate my mothers love for flowers and I carry that with me today.
Just like my mother, I now talk to my flowers while I plant new seeds, I sing to them, I even skip around our several rose bushes.

Gardening is a huge stress reliever and it has taught me so much about being patient.
It proves how your hard work pays off with time, effort, and a great amount of love.
Through patience, you watch something beautiful come to life.

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-R. Vargas

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