Those trusting in Jehovah will be recharged

The congregation I attend had the privilege tonight to have a talk given by the Swahili Circuit Overseer.

It was a very powerful talk with wonderful examples and experiences.
As always, I took notes and if you are reading, I pray that this post will be encouraging to you.

  • Isaiah 40:29,31
  • We recognize that we are getting tired of some of the things that used to thrill us such as being out in the ministry.
  • We see that when we trust in Jehovah, he gives us power.
  • We get drained in every aspect. Physically, mentally, emotionally and if we aren’t careful, we could be drained spiritually.
  • 2nd Corinthians 4:1 (We do not give up.)
  • Tell Jehovah, “I will not give up today!”
  • We are going through so much today, right here and now.
  • Our determination will show us that we have not met our breaking point.
  • Hebrews 12:1
  • Look out for those who are carrying around weight.
  • What this world is serving us is almost like an appetizer, it’s not the full meal and if we take too much of it and fill up on it, we won’t be able to partake in the full meal.
  • We suffer more by not letting go.
  • If we keep things bottled up in our hearts, it could hinder our spirituality, it might even hinder our prayers.
  • Jehovah has many ways of answering our prayers.
  • Sometimes we expect him to answer in a specific way but he has to answer it in his own way and own timing.
  • Those trusting in Jehovah will recharge no matter what.

The brother demonstrated how our lives were like Smart Phones and how we need to be charged and recharged every day. Throughout our days we grow tired and weary and that’s where our charger comes in. The charger symbolizing our connection with Jehovah. If the charger is questionable looking, maybe not fully plugged in, our connection will refrain us from getting our phone fully charged. If our relationship with Jehovah is questionable or may not be fully there, he will not be able to recharge us.
He also showed us a very thin and weak looking rope in which he compared to us. It’s threads are completely coming undone at the end but yet it is still there in one piece.
We may feel that we are constantly coming undone but with Jehovah’s unconditional love and support, we are still there in one piece.

The brother also told us of an account he had when he met a sister named Anna who confided in him and told him that she was very ill and had cancer spreading all over her body. He encouraged the sister to try pioneering during her last few months. Once announced as a pioneer, the sister cried and told him that she could not believe Jehovah was using a dying woman in his service.
Later he found out Anna was admitted into the hospital and soon passed away.
She served her last few months, days, and hours as a pioneer.

Such a memorable talk.


-R. Vargas

10 thoughts on “Those trusting in Jehovah will be recharged

  1. Oh I almost cried when I saw this!! I could ony get bits and little pieces of the brothers talk because Zoeys tummy was still upset!! Thank you! THANK YOU!! For sharing your notes! 😘😘😘

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  2. Other experiences of the brother (Lije Milambo) who gave the talk were featured in the study edition of May 2017 Watchtower, pages 3-6.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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