Swahili Service

This past Saturday I had the privilege to support the Swahili congregation by going out in service with a group.
We started out doing early morning service, I met an incredibly friendly older man at a laundry mat we stopped at and when I was leaving tracts on tables and machines, I noticed he was looking at me along with my group. Most likely curious as to what we were doing, I made my way to him in hope that he would accept the invitation to the Memorial and he accepted and was happy that it was a personal invitation! He was so talkative and polite, it really threw me off. I’m not used to having such a positive experience with a stranger really. He talked and talked and talked and I couldn’t help but smile knowing he felt comfortable enough to tell me about himself in great detail. Knowing I had to leave, I thanked him for his time and he told me he hoped I would have a good day and pulled out his hand to shake mine. He commented on how tiny my hands were and I smiled and left feeling confident.

Next we stopped to do letter writing, and finally made our way back to our Kingdom Hall for the service meeting.

The group though small was very warming and welcoming.
I participated by reading a key scripture to the group in English since I do not speak Swahili.
After our prayer, we divided into our car groups and made our way to the territory.

We started out at an apartment complex with very nice people actually.
Knocking from door to door is never really easy, especially when you’re looking for people who speak a foreign language.
A householder pointed us in the direction of a complex that he knew of where foreign speaking families lived.

A young sister and brother knocked on the door and surprisingly a very polite young man came to the door and carried a conversation with them. Fortunately he was from Africa, but unfortunately he did not speak Swahili. He did appreciate their message and dedication and even took an invitation. When offered a return visit and promised literature in French, he gladly accepted.
Even though slightly rained on, we all made the best of our time together.

To the kind older gentleman I met at the laundry mat, I did have a good day, thank you!


-R. Vargas

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