“Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness!”

This past weekend was my Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the theme was: “Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness!”

It was so encouraging and refreshing, the spiritual food really does always come to us at the proper time.
My mother had the chance to attend despite our hectic morning and so did my niece so I was beyond excited!
Now I don’t want to spoil the entire assembly for those of you reading that may not have had yours yet so I will just highlight a few of my favorite points.

  • Loyalty has to do with our devotion to God.
  • It’s important we demonstrate absolute trust in Jehovah God and his plans.
  • Jehovah assures us that if we trust in him, he will never leave us.
  • We have to help others, they all have different types of problems but we want to build on these positive qualities.
  • Having the right attitude, we may reach a persons heart.
  • It’s not our place to judge who will listen and who will not, Jehovah is the only reader of our hearts.
  • It’s also not our place to judge a persons growth.
  • It takes patience and persistence to see a persons potential.
  • It’s up to all of us to encourage one another.
  • We all need encouragement. (Even elders)
  • To encourage someone is to put courage into their hearts.
  • Commenting at meetings affects others in ways we don’t know.
  • Our talks/parts fortifies our audience.
  • When we recognize negative talk or speech, we should shift the conversation to something positive.
  • Encourage people not only in word but also in deed.
  • Ask people to sit next to you at the meeting.
  • We are each others support group.
  • We need to give support, even the smallest ways add up.
  • Tender care, personal interest, and encouragement may help the strayed return.
  • If Jehovah doesn’t forget the inactive ones, than we shouldn’t either.
  • Jehovah is there for those who are honestly repentant.
  • Are we eager to seize every opportunity to preach the word to all?
  • Even if we can’t pioneer, have a pioneer spirit.

March 142

The sister in the middle was a beloved sister from my hall who was giving her experiences before and after her baptism.
The sister in the middle was a beloved sister from my hall who was giving her dedication and baptism experience.
My niece posing outside by the pond.
My niece posing outside by the pond.
Kim, Javier, & I
Kim, Javier, & I
Javier's first year as an attendant!
Javier’s first year as an attendant!

Needless to say it was an uplifting day.


-R. Vargas

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