On Encouragement

I tend to forget how important and valuable the pioneers are in the ministry.

From their early morning starts, to their late evening finishes, the strength and will power to go out each and every day, the faith and never ending devotion in helping others, really makes me thankful for the pioneers.

I view them as such strong people and it never really occurred to me that there are times they are down in their spirits, there are times they are drained, and there are times when themselves need encouragement.

The other day I treated my friend Lucero to some frozen yogurt as a small token of gratitude for all that she does.
From early morning service, morning service, evening service, learning a different language, and conducting studies, Lu does it all.
She’s in her early twenties and she sets such an amazing example.
I admire her very much and I really am grateful for not only her wonderful example as a pioneer, but also grateful for our close friendship.

If you have the chance to treat or thank a pioneer, why not do it?
No matter how big or small the deed may be, it really does make a difference.

March 102 March 101

I also surprised her with some of her favorite flowers.
I also surprised her with some of her favorite flowers.

March 094

“No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his life in behalf of his friends.”
– John 15:13


-R. Vargas

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