Shulammite Souls:

In 2010 I started working at a well known hotel in downtown Dallas that allowed me to meet so many different people.
From various ages, backgrounds, cultures, all walks of life basically.
During that time I met so many wonderful people who I befriended and they have honestly been a huge part of my life.

I’ve always been known to carry a journal and a camera with me wherever I go, and I have a great passion for listening to others share things with me so I have decided to start a new category entry to my blog:
Shulammite Souls

I have selected that name since my blog is of course Shulammitegirl and I added in the Souls due to the simple fact that every person I deem interesting has a soul.
In this category I will have a picture of the individual, their name, and a few facts about them, all with the their permission of course.

My first entry will be dedicated to KC De Leon whom I met in 2012 at the hotel we worked at together.

KC De Leon — 9/12/12

  • 2013-2014 014Half Hispanic, Half Japanese
  • Owns scuba gear in his studio apartment.
  • Enjoys tea.
  • Was born in Japan.
  • Employed as a Dive Master in Japan for two years.
  • Only buys necessary things, tries to live a simple life.
  • In his own words, “Simplicity is the best thing.”
  • Dad is Tex-Mex, mom is Japanese.
  • Dad was in the military. (Navy)
  • Middle child, has two brothers.
  • Attended an International school.
  • Lived in Mississippi (Dad’s base)
  • Moved to New York afterwards.
  • Wears a key chain on his wedding ring finger even though he’s not married.
  • Key chain on his finger symbolizes purity until marriage.
  • Got the key chain in Florida. (Been wearing it for seven months.)
  • Involved in NYSUM (3-4 years)
  • Moved to upper New York.
  • Worked three years in a Japanese Sushi restaurant.
  • Didn’t believe he had a good role model while growing up.
  • Was still curious about Japan, wanted to go back but cancelled flight because of September 11th.
  • Has been working since the age of 13.
  • Grandmother in Japan became very ill so he moved back.
  • Got a sports car while overseas and raced in the suburbs of Japan.
  • Had a friend who landed a music contract with Sony.
  • KC sings, really loves R&B music, can play the drums and acoustic guitar.
  • Went to Guam for a photo-shoot with his friend and his band.
  •  Borrowed a bike and rode around the island.
  • Spent two years overseas.
  • Came back to the states.

    KC has the kindest soul and is so considerate and thoughtful. It was truly a pleasure working with him. I hope he continues to grow as a person and also spiritually.

    Xoxo,-R. Vargas

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