Journal Entry Pt. 1

While I was cleaning out my desk this evening, I stumbled across my journal I took with me while I was in Mexico last summer.
I flipped the pages and found this:

10:13 pm Friday —- 8/15/14

“Never in my life have I used the word mesmerize.
That was until tonight.
My father called me outside to tell me some disturbing news and while I listened with a heavy heart, I was thankful he called me outside.
The sky was full of stars.
There was literally thousands.
Maybe millions.
The first thing that came to mind was, ‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you….’ which is from the song, “Yellow,” by Coldplay.
I smiled as I began to sing aloud to myself.
While it was special, it wasn’t the real thing so I grabbed my Ipod and listened to the acoustic version.
I let Chris Martins’ words sink into my heart and I cried.
I cried of happiness.
I cried of joy.
I cried of sadness.
I cried of fear.
I cried because of you.
Maybe somewhere out there you were thinking of me too.
I seldom miss you.
But tonight, at that exact moment,
I missed you.
I couldn’t help but try to capture the moment with my camera knowing it would do no good.
I wanted to share that moment with you but then I realized some moments in your life are reserved just for yourself.
Some moments aren’t meant to be shared or captured.”


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