Picnic Date

My sweet soul Kim has been feeling discouraged lately so I decided I would take her out on a picnic to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

She told me before that she didn’t have a picnic basket and asked if I had one. I being a collector of picnic baskets, have about five in my possession.
I decided to surprise her with a picnic basket of her own with a few other surprises inside it.


IMG_8484We had been planning the picnic for a few weeks and the meal as well. We decided it would be Italian themed.

Kim was in charge of the main course and she prepared Chicken Parmesan Pasta with a hint of Ginger. (It was amazing!)
I was in charge of the appetizers and drinks.

Kim is on a strict diet in which she needs to eat Gluten Free things so I surprised her with two Gluten Free sweet treats from the bakery I work at.
I also brought different Italian meats, Mediterranean Herb Pita chips, mozzarella cheese to snack on, and prepared our salads.
Here was our spread:





The weather was very lovely and we enjoyed each other’s company along with the scenic view.


We ended our night at Barnes & Noble where I asked Kim to read some of her favorite poems to me and explain why they were her favorite.


Once I dropped her off back home, her mother gave me more food to try and sent me home with some vegetables.


I feel more and more Vietnamese now that I spend more time with Kim and her family and I’m content with that.

-R. Vargas

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