RosieJoe & KimYang Adventures

This Friday I had the chance to spend some quality time with my favorite little lady Kim and we decided to do afternoon Vietnamese service.

Kim invited me to her house before it was time for service and as I walked into her home I greeted her mother who then led me to the kitchen.

Kim surprised me with a homemade lunch and I almost cried. I know you may be thinking that what I said is silly but it’s not everyday that someone besides my mother cooks a meal for me. Kim could have made me a sandwich and I still would have been in tears.

To know that someone out there cares for you enough to not only buy the ingredients for a meal, but to also spend the time to prepare it all, it really means something to me. Something I appreciate to a great extent and someone I cherish wholeheartedly.

The lunch my lovely Kim prepared for us consisted of turkey chops with a mixed salad, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, and string beans. I’m not a huge fan of vegetables but who really is? Well needless to say, I ate everything Kim made for me and it was delicious.

Vietnamese Territory 584

Vietnamese Territory 585

You know she's a blogger when she pulls out her camera.  (

You know she’s a blogger when she pulls out her camera.

We concluded lunch with Taro cake.

We concluded lunch with Taro cake.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find too many people at the door but that didn’t stop us from having some quality time together filled with laughter. Sometimes I have to cut back on my jokes because I’m afraid Kim will pass out.
Once we finished with the territory, Kim insisted that we did informal witnessing at a laundry mat.
Kim made me so proud, not only does the woman speak Vietnamese and English, but she also speaks Spanish and placed some magazines in Spanish! I was so amazed with her courage and persistence. Her strength gave me strength.

Once we returned to Kim’s home, her mother had prepared some chicken porridge for us which was perfect for the cold weather.


I thought dinner was over but Kim’s mom started bringing out fruit and the fruit just kept coming.


This was my favorite fruit. It’s called Jack Fruit.

We ended our night with a movie and on my way home, I realized something….
I’m not always a kind person but having someone so loving and encouraging as Kim in my life makes me want to be a better person.

-R. Vargas

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