Time heals all wounds.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the bakery since the holidays are near and I have been working just about every day. Long hours too!
In between working at the bakery and hospital these past two weeks, I managed to find the time to visit my shift coordinator from the hospital while she is recovering from knee surgery.

I drove to her home in Desoto which is about 30 minutes away from where I live and thought deeply about her and how she has affected me this past year.
She has been a second mother to me and took me under her wing when I first started at the hospital last December.

Always bringing me food to make sure that I eat , surprising me with the cutest socks for our monthly, “Crazy Sock Contest,” buying me gadgets and accessories for my phone, and even introducing me to her family as her, “Guardian Angel.”

She was the highlight of my nights at the hospital and kept me sane when I felt I was about to lose it.
Without her help and guidance, I don’t think I would have stayed in the ER.

Miss Gerrye is the most active and youthful 74 year old I’ve ever met and I pray I’m as free spirited as her when I’m her age. She’s been one of my role models, and to make her more of an inspiration, she is a breast cancer survivor.

Lately though, I noticed her moving at a slower pace and really aching more than she normally does.
She let me know that she was thinking about having her knee looked at.
She had surgery years before where the surgeons inserted a plate in there but she was convinced that maybe the plate had wore out.
Boy was she right!
Once the results came back, the doctors noticed that Miss Gerrye’s plate had somehow had a hole in it that was enlarging over time.
They decided they wanted to remove the damaged plate which meant Miss Gerrye would be undergoing surgery once again.

She mentioned to me how she had been a veteran at the hospital working there for over 20 years and felt like it was the right time to retire. I agreed and we laughed about all our memories in the ER.
Miss Gerrye came to the conclusion that she would retire, sell her belongings, and hit the road with her two beloved Boxers, and embark on a new journey in New Mexico with her adult children.
I couldn’t have been happier for her since I knew she had been longing to join them since she lived here alone in Texas.

I knew all along that the reason she loved me so much was because I became like a child to her. All the love and care she gave me compared to that of a mother and daughter and I’m so thankful that God placed her in my life.

The day she went into surgery, she sent me a text and told me to keep her in my prayers and that she would see me soon.
I assured her that I would pray and I would be there as soon as she was allowed to have visitors.

A couple hours had passed and I text her to see how it went.
Her sister replied that the surgery went well but she lost a lot of blood.
Unfortunately Miss Gerrye needed a blood transfusion.

I decided I would give her time to rest and be with her family.
Once she was allowed to return home, she let me know and I baked her favorite sweet treat which is banana nut bread and picked up a card for her that I signed along with my mother.


I stayed with Miss Gerrye for a few hours and we discussed every high and low in our lives.
She finally asked me if I wanted to see her scars and I quickly said no. I work in the ER and I’ve seen some gruesome things but it’s very different when it’s coming from a person that you truly care about.
She laughed and removed her bandage no matter what I said.
It really hurt me to see her entire leg bruised and her knee completely stitched and stapled.

She assured me she was fine and admitted that she wasn’t used to being off her feet but wanted everything to heal properly.
We talked about the importance of patience and how time heals all wounds, both physically and emotionally.

When the time came for me to go, she insisted she walk me out and give me a big hug and kiss. She also told me that the next time I visit, I need to bring her some home cooked Mexican food.
I laughed and promised I would.

When I first arrived and stepped into her bedroom, the first question I asked was how she felt.
This was her response:


“The glory of young men is their strength,
And the splendor of old men is their gray hair.”
-Proverbs 20:29


-R. Vargas

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