“He was determined to endure, come what may.”

This weeks article in The Watchtower, really hit home.
I’m positive for not only me but for everyone reading the article. It really tugged at my heart and while studying the article, I thought about how I’ve had hard times making the meetings lately since my father takes my car without my permission and I’m stranded at home without a ride, or how I do have my car and I’m on my way out when my father starts lecturing me about, “spending too much time with those people.”

I used to have a bad temper and I was on the rebellious side thinking that no one could tell me anything. Not even my parents.
Since studying the bible and making the truth my own, I really tried to leave my old habits behind.
I started asking my parents for permission instead of telling them I’m going out, I listened when they counseled or corrected me, I respect their decision even when it is different from mine, I really do try to obey them.

Satan see’s that he can’t stop me from serving Jehovah due to the opposite sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. but he knows where it hurts the most, with family.
He will use frontal attacks and/or subtle attacks, as long as he gets to you.

I can normally make my weekly meeting but when Sunday comes along, it’s a different story.
I pray continuously for strength to make the meeting despite my difficult mornings, I pray to watch what I say when I say it, and I pray for my father. After all, the bible does tell us to pray for those who persecute us.


While reading the article for this week titled, “Serve God Loyally Despite “Many Tribulations,'” I couldn’t help but think of how selfish I was being about staying focused on my difficulties when there are so many dear brothers and sisters who have faced far worse persecution than what I am going through now. Things that aren’t even imaginable have happened in the past and continue to happen even now. Hearing and reading experiences both in the bible and also happening now in the present, really humble me.
I’d like to share a few points from the article that really moved me:

  • In Paul’s words, he did not simply say: “We must endure many tribulations.” He said: “We must enter into the Kingdom of God through many tribulations.”
  • … imprisonment and tribulations are waiting for me.”
    – Acts 20:23
  • Paul, “was determined to endure, come what may.”
  • “Never forget that ‘Jehovah knows how to rescue people of godly devotion out of trial.'”
    – 2 Peter 2:9
  • “Keep testing whether you are in the faith; keep proving what you yourselves are.”
    – 2 Cor. 13:5 
  • “When bigger trials come in the future, you will be in a better position to face them if you have developed a good spiritual routine in advance.”
  • “Christ died, not for perfect people, but for sinners.”
  • “The prize will go to those who do not give up.”

When I think of what I go through, I remember all that Job endured and know I’m no where close to his unfortunate situation but I do know that if he can make it out of everything and still remain faithful to Jehovah, I too can make it out of this and continue to serve Jehovah faithfully.

On my way home today, I was involved in a car accident.
My car is damaged but it is not totaled.
Although a little shaken up and some shoulder and arm pain, I am alright and so is the driver and his family.
I know this is one of Satan’s tactics to discourage me.
I will admit that I am saddened with what happened today but I will not let it discourage me enough to stop making meetings and serving Jehovah.

Please keep me in your prayers,

– R. Vargas


3 thoughts on ““He was determined to endure, come what may.”

  1. What a touching article, and what a touching experience. Though you may not be facing direct physical persecution, sometimes the subtle comments, outright arguments, and obvious disapproval can be even more hurtful. Especially when it is from family.. It hurts when the people closest to you are the most hurtful toward you. I know that feeling. My (baptized yet inactive) Dad feels like Im a failure because I’m not devoting my time to continuing my education and making a good living, instead im a pioneer who works about 25 hours a week. It hurts. But always keep your head up because you know exactly who’s thinking penetrates this world. And who knows, maybe your great example will win your father over someday. ☺️ you are doing an excellent job, keep it up! Jehovah will bless your efforts and keep you forever encouraged. 😘

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  2. Wow this brought tears to my eyes. It’s so hard in this world! Satan sure knows how to pick his attacks – he knows what our weaknesses are and what could easily affect us if we let it. Your determination to stay faithful is remarkable!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciated that article, because it impressed upon me the fact that there is always someone who is going through a tougher time than me. But you know something? That doesn’t make what you or I or anyone else may be going through any less severe. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that Jehovah will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear, and he will ALWAYS provide a way out. It’s easy too think that we won’t make it or that a certain temptation or trial is just too great to endure, but our God does not lie – he knows we can handle it. His confidence in us is so faith strengthening. The key is just reliance on him, and I know I don’t even have to tell you that it is easier said than done. One scripture from that article that particularly touched me is 2 Corinthians 4:16,17. It’s quite long to quote but from it I understood that we may get physically tired but we never grow tired of worshipping Jehovah. Instead we are renewed “day to day” which shows the importance of availing ourselves of Jehovah’s provisions on a daily basis. Remembering the temporary nature of our trials and holding fast to our Christian hope can prevent us from giving in to despair and becoming unfaithful to God. I say all of this to say that I am humbled by your post, and incredibly proud of what you are doing for the truth. Most importantly, our great God Jehovah is proud of you and no doubt will strengthen you as you continue to put him first. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers!

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    • It took me awhile to write you back and I apologize but I’ve had a hectic week. Any who, thank you so much for the wonderful and detailed message! I truly appreciate people like you in my life. You have no idea what your kindness means to me!
      You really are a sweet heart!
      Thank your for the scriptures, there’s nothing I love more than when someone comforts me with scriptures.
      Words cannot express how grateful I am for you!
      -R. Vargas

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