Nothing Bundt Cakes: Third Day

I think I frosted over a hundred bundtlet cakes today.

I also got to know my coworkers a little better which actually was very nice. One of the other froster’s and I got along very well and by the end of our shift she called me her best friend and asked me where have I been all her life.


Another one of my coworkers brought me lunch from Central Market.


I think it’s safe to say they are beginning to like me.

After my shift at the bakery, I decided to surprise my best friend Javier at work since he’s been begging me to go for the longest. I also took him a lovely cake.



Now I am working an 8 hour shift at the hospital only to run home and sleep for a few hours and off to the bakery again.

Stay safe everyone!

– R. Vargas

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Just a proud Texan blogging about baking + cooking, crafting, gardening, journaling, preaching, reading, thrifting, and traveling.

One thought on “Nothing Bundt Cakes: Third Day

  1. I can totally understand why Karen said “where have you been all her life?” Your a great person and everyone can see that. Love the quote on the car by the way. Keep up the good work xoxo

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