New Beginnings

You may have remembered reading about the post I made last week regarding me sending my resumes out to different bakeries around my area.
Shortly after I sent my resumes out, I received two e-mails from Nothing Bundt Cakes & Emporium Pies, asking me if I would like to come in to their place of business for an interview. I gladly accepted.

Tuesday I interviewed with Emporium Pies first and it went fairly well, I was however nervous about my second interview with Nothing Bundt Cakes since it was not only a two hour interview, but it was a group interview in the kitchen!

Before I interviewed, I prayed and put the matter in God’s hands and I did the best I could.

Working in the kitchen environment with other people was very new and very different but I had so much fun frosting, cutting cakes, making trays, helping with special orders, etc. I really enjoyed myself and I told myself even if the job was not offered to me, it was a great experience.

Thursday evening, I received a phone call from the manager at Nothing Bundt Cakes, offering me a job. (Nothing Bundt Cakes was my first choice too!)

I start next Wednesday & I’m so excited to start this new journey.


-R. Vargas

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